In Her Element: Nourish & Cleanse Balm

Happy New Year (still), ladies! It's been a week after the start of 2017 but I haven't been blogging since end of the year. To be honest, I've been focused on keeping my new year's resolutions of getting fit, eating healthy, finishing reading my books, and enjoying life more outside of my phone and my Mac. I love my Mac forever but I missed just being offline and having a lot of energy.

Beauty blogging and everything that came with it took a backseat in 2016 but it's ready to be refreshed this 2017. I don't plan to be the biggest beauty blogger / vlogger but lifestyle blogging has always been a priority in life and it gives me a certain happiness that nothing has replaced.

First for this year: In Her Element's Nourish & Cleanse Balm, PHP 595 for 30g. This is my friend Liz's first baby from her beauty brand In Her Element and it makes me proud to know that she has finally done it. Liz's vision has always been about products that served multiple purposes while being natural and healthy for the skin. This product, Nourish & Cleanse Balm, hits the spot ever so perfectly. 

What I Love About It: I had been on the hunt for a lip balm that makes my lips soft but doesn't look too shiny and won't ruin my lipstick. This was surprisingly amazing. I've started taking Acnetrex for some of my breakouts and dry lips have now become normal so In Her Element's Balm is a huge help. It helps that it smells so nice, too, like chocolate and vanilla with crushed coconuts and it comes in a beautiful shade of pink. It's pretty enough to land a space in my glass shelf but I'm actually thinking of putting it in my bag for everyday, every other hour use. 

On its second purpose, I tried using it as a makeup remover and boy does it do an awesome job! I was surprised to see that it melted off my K Palette eyebrows, as well as the K Palette eyeliner off of my face. This is perfect for days I go to the gym -- where I remove my makeup before working out. Just lovely <3

Other purposes is for elbows, cracked heels and other dry parts of the body, which I've yet to try this.

The Packaging: I love the choice of jar, label paper is also water proof, the color (looks good in the vanity) and the choice of font. I hate good products which are a visual abomination because then I'd have to be forced to decant them and put them elsewhere. This is a beautiful product I'd love to show around.

What Could Be Improved: I do wish it came with a small spatula because I cannot trust myself to always have clean hands before dipping my finger in but other than that, it's a perfect product I'm very happy with. 

In Her Element Nourish & Cleanse Balm is available online In Her Element Shop.