Happy Skin Bridal Collection

A month ago, I was fortunately and luckily invited to a fun session crafted by Happy Skin. It's an unusual event -- it's a photo shoot! What's more, it's a bride-to-be themed photo shoot, with Pat Dy and a glam team and a LOT of flowers and all. When I chatted up with the Happy Skin girls Rissa and Iya, they said they wanted something special for Happy Skin women, single or married or taken, to feel the specialness of going through the glamorous part of the bridal experience.

Getting married is a rather prominent topic in my life right now -- what with having a long term relationship with someone that's of public knowledge, hence the pressure to make it all legal. It's all really a different topic, a topic I'd like to think is something that's worth pondering on, since women are the ones who change their last names, leave their families to join another. Is there merit in doing it early? All those things.

Meanwhile, I'm just happy to be glammed up by the Happy Skin Team {my MUA was Eileen, she was really good!}, wore a dress from Pink Manila, and my photo taken by THE Pat Dy, only the country's most sought after wedding photographer. I got to treat myself to tacos from Taco Vengo after the shoot. All in all, it was a really good day!


Here's a gallery of all the products in the collection, available at Happy Skin stores, Plains & Prints and Beauty Bar, as well as online, too.