An Honest Review and Tutorial of the Dyson AirWrap

Dyson AirWrap Review

The first time I ever saw the Dyson Air Wrap was when somebody shared a video of Dyson Australia and the attachments that came with a saber-like device. I only had one thought: I must have it.


I was so dead serious on having it that I asked a friend living in Melbourne check it out for me. Before she even had the time, I already came across a pre-order list for Dyson Philippines and the next thing I know, Mike was getting it for me as a birthday present and we were in Dyson Podium first thing to claim it.

What was I looking for?

I’m the type who has been wanting something to give my hair some form of volume without looking too made up. Ideally, whatever this is should be something quick in the morning and not too resource-heavy. When Dyson came out with the Air Wrap, I really didn’t think much and just got it.

I was the first one to be at the Podium branch of Dyson the day our pre orders came and it was funny how many other women had the same situation going on for me: they had their husbands and boyfriends in tow and I could hear “birthday, anniversary and Christmas” in the conversations. If you come in with a doubt of getting it, there’s no way you would not get it if you could. I tried it myself and within minutes, I could curl my hair like a pro. And I never curled my hair well so yeah, Mike and I were just convinced.

What It Comes With

Mike got me the complete set — which comes with left and right 30mm barrels, left and right 45mm barrels, a smoothing brush, a volume brush and a straightening brush. It comes packaged in a tan leather case which sits quite nicely on top of my vanity desk. Each set bought from the official and local Dyson store of residence and usage comes with 2 years warranty. I’m glad I didn’t buy overseas!

What Is So Special About It?

After six years of development and a whopping 642 prototypes, over 200 engineers and scientists created a motor that manipulates air in a phenomenon known as the Coanda effect. The Coanda effect happens when high-speed air in a cylinder creates a vortex (like a jet engine). In the tool, high pressure air flows through six slots in the barrel, which causes hair to attach itself to the surface. {reference} This is my first Dyson tool ever despite mooning over the V10 Cordless Vacuum, the Supersonic Dryer, too!

I’m an Amateur, Can I Use It?

I am a complete hair amateur, I think I burned a bit of my hair the last time I used Babyliss MiraCurl, which is a tool supposedly for amateurs! But this one, the SA at Dyson taught me for 1 minute and I finished the rest myself. I felt so galing! I made the hairstylist perfect my curls though, as the ideal curls are alternating the left and right barrels for a more natural effect. My initial times using it, I only hold the barrel for 6-10 seconds and turn to do a cold shot for two seconds. My recent curls I’ve been brave enough to extend to 20 seconds per section. My friend and Benefit girl Kriska recommends 30 seconds per section to last the whole day.

How Was the Results

I’m happy to report that I can now curl my hair while waiting for Mike to be done before we head out for dinner. I can also curl my hair when I have 10 minutes to spare. The not so good news? It does take time to get used to it. I still keep figuring out which direction the air will wrap my hair and there are still moments when not all the hair in the section gets into the barrel. The temperature is so regulated it never gets hotter than that of a curling iron, not even close. I’m happy that I can have hair with body and curls {that I do need to set with products, I used Beach Born Sea Salt Spray}. I love that they were bouncy and curly just the way I like my curls. My friends commented that my hair does not look dry despite being curly. HOORAY! I feel too, that Dyson does not damage my hair as much as the other metal barrel curling irons do. That’s just me though and it may be just a psychological thing.

What I Learned aka Tips & Tricks

  1. It pays to have a curling iron learning curve — unfortunately, I had to start somewhere. It was not easy. I practiced every day to make sure I could look decent.

  2. Read the instructions, watch the Dyson instructionals and watch tutorials. I would curl my hair while watching YouTube videos. Some people made videos without knowing anything — and while that’s admirable, it’s also weird to not check out best practices.

  3. Stick to small sections. I made the mistake of using too big sections, conveniently forgetting I have quite thick hair strands. Smaller sections will ensure the hair curls perfectly and last longer.

  4. Time will depend on your expertise and hair thickness. Some women can get all the hair done in 20 minutes. A simple curling routine will still take me an hour cos yep, #ThiccHair

  5. Adding products help. I used Beachborn Sea Salt Spray for days I’d curl my hair and Not Your Mothers’ Smoothing Spray when I use the roller brush.

  6. Of course, OG curling irons will not be replaced by the Dyson AirWrap. Except that I am probably not going to use an iron since Dyson makes my hair feel soft and smooth and not crunchy and no burning smell.

The Cons

If I were to make really accurate curls and those the likes of 1920s stars, though, I’m afraid it would not be the best tool for that. It might not also be the best tool for longest lasting curls. Depends on what you’re looking for, too!


The big factor about the Dyson AirWrap is that it costs $500 or PHP 29,500 for the complete set from Dyson Philippines. I admit that’s hella pricey for a curling iron and true that there are a lot of others in the market for a fraction of that price. However, if you’re like me and I have serious phobia of the metal curling iron {a number of which I bought in the past and gave away}, and if you see yourself using this every day, or at least quite frequently like 1x/week, this will be worth your hard earned money. If not, there’s always other options like that below:

Cannot guarantee safety on that one but sure is funny! :D :D

I Don’t Want to Fork Over $550, What Are My Options?

I came across several tools like the Revlon One Step Dryer, a blowdryer with a brush and this Philips Pro Dryer. It’s probably not the same effect nor technology but hey. we’ve got options! If you only want a curler, this one by Babyliss Miracurl is another option. The drawback of it is that it’s also tricky to use and like I said, I burned my hair LOL.

The Dyson AirWrap is available at Dyson branches at The Podium, Greenbelt 5 and SM Aura.