Ellana x Project Vanity Life Proof Brows

I can’t remember the last time I cared so much about eyebrows as much as I did in the past maybe two years. I’ve been a beauty blogger for 10 years now and eyebrows were just part of the whole picture for the better part of the decade. I guess it was Instagram that kinda made it the way we know eyebrows now.

Our friends from PH-based makeup brand Ellana teamed up with Project Vanity for quite possibly HG-material {holy grail, circa 2008 blogging, hello} for a life-proof eyebrow gel! Life-proof so I can imagine doing many things LOL and still have perfectly shaped eyebrows.

The Ellana x PV Life-proof brow gel comes in three shades: Dark Brown, Red Brown and Light Brown, which can be combined to come up with 3D brows. The best thing is each pot is just PHP 499, which is super reasonable!

Ellana Project Vanity Life Proof Brows

You can see the swatches below, with Dark Brown in the top most, followed by Red Brown and the bottom brown is Light Brown.

Top to Bottom: Dark, Red and Light Brown

Top to Bottom: Dark, Red and Light Brown

tenor (1).gif

What I Love About It:

  • It looks hard but wow, the texture of the product is consistent! I am so happy it doesn’t take a lot of effort to use it with a brush. I used my Fullbrow brush, which is pretty stiff and just the right length.

  • Truly lifeproof as I’ve worked out in this! That’s all I needed to do to know if it would budge and after an hour at Saddle Row, yup, still there.

  • The star ingredient is Marula Oil, which for me makes the texture truly different and consistent. So far it hasn’t dried up though I make it a point to not leave it open for too long.

  • I really love my brows, and each pot is just PHP 499! What is not to love?

  • Available online via the Ellana store and of course in stores nationwide.

Overall: I am so impressed by this product — as in I am really glad I have it all in 3 colors cos now I make contoured but natural looking eyebrows.

Ellana x Project Vanity Lifeproof Brows