Things I Love Sundays: Out and About Again

During the Holy Week, my friends and I mused at how we've changed over the years, opting to stay at home instead of hieing off to leave town during long weekends. It wasn't that we became tita -- it's just that the traffic has become so bad over the years that it's been traumatizing. I distinctly remember being stranded in the entrance to Baguio some years ago during Christmas season, in the van for 12 hours. Since then, it takes a lot to put me out of Manila, my home neighborhood, BGC or Makati. I admit there hasn't been as many adventures since so I decided to make it a priority to have adventures in the city every now and then.

One of my favorite expedition in the city has been a trip to Dapitan Arcade in Quezon City some weeks ago. I was undergoing a plant - tropical interior phase and bought baskets. I think I spent 2000 pesos for 5 baskets and 3 wooden plates and bowls. AMAZING. For my watermelon peperomia below, I got it from Plant Lovers PH.


Today, I went to Farmers' Garden in Cubao and met a plant lady who sells the prettiest pots and plants, she taught me how to take care of my air plants as well as a fortune plant so let's see how this goes.


This plant is called a Sansevieria or Snake Plant, or Mother in Law's Tongue (LOL). It's one of the lowest maintenance plants in the world which originates from Africa. Watering is only 1x/week and doesn't need direct sunlight.

Speaking of Africa, this was me and Mike at last week's The Lion King show in Solaire. I've dreamt of watching it live since I knew of it and well, let's just say I was misty eyed in Circle of Life aka The opening. LOL.