It's a Live Garden!

I have a confession to make: I get inspired with the sight of greeneries ---- grass, plants, flowers. I cannot count in my two hands the number of great things I'd been able to write because I'd brought my pencil and paper to a garden at our floor at work. For some reason, it lets the creative juices flow. It's fun.

I've read about Rexona's Nurture Nature Facebook app from my beauty blogging friends last week. Actually, I've been invited to the launch but as much as I wanted to go, I wasn't able to last time. I was super excited to RSVP yes because Facebook apps are part of my job but sadly, I had to be somewhere that day. Now that I have time on my hands, I was able to tinker with the app and can I just raise one hand up in the air to whomever developed and created it? The concept is really cool and sensible and original!

What happens is, there are gardeners {Carlos and Ikey, why they're cute men must be a strategy}who does as you request plant stuff like 'Watering Plants,' 'Removing Earthworm, Caterpillar' etc. There are 30 plants {Nikki, Shen, Phoebe, Sophie, Rowena, Hannah and lots of other girls' plants} all in all and you can choose any of those to water, put fertilizer on and so on.

What I noticed at the onset was the music playing {some old cheesy song at that time} so I was like, WTH? I thought my laptop had a virus but as it turns out, there are special requests and a player can request a song to be played for the plants {why plants need songs, I don't know}.

Other cute bordering on funny things you can do when playing the app:

What is the Special Request button for?
The Special Request button lets you do three things:
(1) Suggest a song that the gardener will sing to the plants.
(2) Answer a weekly poll that will unlock a bonus action from the gardener.
(3) Send a message that the gardener will read out loud to the plants.

While I do think reading messages and playing songs for the plants are a bit cheesy, I think that this whole Garden in a Facebook app a cool idea. Every once in a while, we all need to look at green surroundings if only to refresh the eyes and if like me, you're stuck in front of the computer most of the time, then this little garden is a breath of fresh air. Not sure, though if your office allows Facebook access at work but mine does for people like me, who's in charge of Digital Marketing. If it does, then that's great because it's relaxing to look at the little pots of plants LIVE, plus the gardeners are cute, too.

I wonder though, how it feels to be stuck in a garden in full view of so many girls? Hmm. I'm just glad companies like Unilever {manufacturer of Rexona}are spearheading a digital revolution with this garden. This way, they are helping add more oxygen into the Earth. That alone is worth playing this app for, even if it hogs all my bandwidth and RAM.

Why don't you try this app today?

Hugs, love and kisses,