Things I Love Sundays: Of Scarceness

It's been a very emotional weekend for me, and by that I mean I must've cried buckets of tears. I started my weekend bingeing on Oscars winners and nominees, starting especially with the winner of Best Picture, Guillermo del Toro's Shape of Water, which was a surreal film experience -- I am no film expert but I enjoyed the cinematography and the quirky but understandable way of telling a story that may have existed in the past. PS: I'm on Letterboxd, which is like the Goodreads of movies, FINALLY!

I think I like Lady Bird a lot though, starring Saoirse Ronan, a coming of age film where she goes through the last years of high school in Sacramento with her middle class family and her best friend Julie. Won't say anything more just in case I spoil it for you but I did relate to this in more ways than one: a girl who's trying to be elsewhere, anywhere but here but also didn't jump at the chance when she had it. Too many memories, this one. 

I,Tonya, was Mike's favorite and maybe mine, too, it's just that Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding {and perhaps the real Tonya} were so gritty. I hated that she had a role in the Nancy Kerrigan attack, though I feel so bad for her that it was all that it took to remover her forever from figure skating. 

Enough about movies for now. You may have been led here by the title of this post. The truth is, I only wrote about this post because my dear friend Chai mused that she missed reading my TILS posts. I just realized it's been a while since I have written one of these. It's also been a while since I worshipped in the real sense of the word. I haven't done a lot of my Sunday routines and TBH, most times, my self conversations would always be about how tired I am of my life and what's in front of me. When I was watching the first episode of The Good Doctor, towards the end of the pilot episode, Sean, when asked why did he want to become a doctor, responded that he wanted to give others the chance to live and have families because his brother and his parents didn't get to. And also, so he can buy a TV. How have we forgotten that once upon a time, we only wanted the simple things? 

Most of the time, I would tell myself that I did not have enough, that people around me could be better, that I could be better, that circumstances could be better. It's because we're exposed to other people's circumstances on social media that makes us think there's always something better and bigger out there for us. So this is my lesson for myself this coming week, especially that it's lent next week: To love even when there is only the ugly to love, because we were all loved despite our sins, forgiven through the ugly transgressions and loved despite being simple and boring sometimes.

Anyway, back to things I love with no need for unconditional love:

Cofficing -- a medicine for us in the corporate world when it feels suffocating and cabin feverish.

Paper products and my neon flamingo thing :D

I recently started this new regimen of Good Virtues Anti Dandruff Shampoo and its conditioner and so far, things are much better, less flaky {EEP YUCK haha!} so I'm very happy with that. This set is available in BeautyMNL.

Murad Rustans The Beauty Source
A group photo from a powwow with women entrepreneurs at Womenwill MNL in Commune Poblacion

A group photo from a powwow with women entrepreneurs at Womenwill MNL in Commune Poblacion

Happy Week Ahead! Thanks again Chai for reminding me about my TILS posts. I had fun reviving this <3