A Review of Happy Skin Beauty: The Oil Control Series Skincare

Happy Skin Skincare Oil Control

If it were just any other makeup brand that's launching a skincare line, I would've done a double take and took my sweet time in testing if they work for me. But just this year, local brand Happy Skin launched their Happy Skin Beauty with two lines: 1) Anti Aging and 2) Oil Control. Friends from Happy Skin have sent over the oil control goodies for me to test.

The Immediate Summary of my experience: It was a fantastic experience that I was surprised I achieved from a local skincare especially since I've been on regular actives from Drunk Elephant and CosRX. I was surprised that after 3 weeks of using this exclusively in the AM routine, things are stable, my skin retained its suppleness and I could feel how mild it was. 

1. Happy Skin Smoothening Facial Wash, PHP 499. This is the first product I used among the three on a Monday morning and I was happy to note that it has only very mild fragrance and rather felt low PH. I can't tell for sure if it was because I have no PH strips but it did feel very calming to the skin. I like using it. Foamed just enough and skin didn't feel tight after use -- an occurrence I used to look for in my old facial washes. How times have changed!

2. Happy Skin Mattifying Ampoule, PHP 999. Happy Skin says: "As light as a feather but power-packed with goodness. This Happy Skin Beauty Mattifying Ampoule is infused with potent ingredients to moisturize skin but keep it matte and shine-free. It is formulated to deliver an optimal dose of ingredients while being easily absorbed for immediate effects on skin." I think this is Happy Skin's version of a daytime serum, wherein it moisturizes or keeps the skin's moisture while also not making the face oily. I love this, no fragrance and goes on to skin with right consistency, meaning it's not too watery or too heavy for daytime use. True to its word, it's not as well oily!

3. Happy Skin Oil Controlling Moisturizer, PHP 899. I never imagined I'd set my hands on moisturizers again since I've started using serums years ago. I've been on Korean skincare for the most of the last two years too and moisturizers seemed unnecessary to my routine. This however, added that suppleness to the skin even until later in the afternoon when I've sat my behind on an office chair for hours.  According to Happy Skin: "The truth of the matte-r: Even oily skin needs hydration. This Happy Skin Beauty Oil-Controlling Moisturizer promises to be oil-free yet replenishes the moisture that even oily skin needs. It keeps skin supple and hydreated without the greasiness and skin, and helps balance and mattify the skin, too.

Some observations: 

  1. I was a little intimidated and maybe taken aback by all the ingredients of the products, so I patiently Googled them so I could know whether the alcohols in it were the good kind. Thankfully, they are of the humectant {or moisturizing} types that are a-ok for skincare. Thanks to reading Lab Muffin Science and Paula's Choice, I am a more informed decision maker when it comes to skincare.

  2. I was a bit apprehensive to go oil control since it wasn't really a bigger issue for me than anti aging (I started anti aging regimens at 20 years old LOL) but the Anti Aging cream moisturizer is not calling me so this is actually a better route for me. I really like this!

  3. It's true that the brand's promise is to shorten skincare time -- and the line achieved this. That said, if you have more specific goals like glowing skin, or acne control, I think that no one line can answer such skin problems. I think that this isi usually answered by going to the derma, trial and error on various products, genes and luck. And as always, top everything off with sunblock. I personally use Drunk Elephant Umbra SPF 30 and retouch/spray within the day.

  4. While a local brand, the Happy Skin oil control line is made in Korea.

Happy Skin Oil Control Review

Used only happy skin oil control line


All of that said, I highly recommend the Happy Skin Oil Control Skincare Line to women who want less fuss when it comes to skincare. Some women wants all the fuss {raises hands} and some women can't be bothered. This is a nice line to keep skin at it's best without all the minutes needed. I am a big fan of it though, of course I eventually came back to using my Vitamin C and AHA/BHA at night every other two or three nights.

You can get the full line at the Happy Skin website. The full set goes of PHP 2,896 only!