Inevitable Lessons.

>> Saturday, January 17, 2009

Life can be crazy and the ride is overwhelming. I usually find myself poring over existential questions every 5PM, guzzling beer with my trusty buddies and wondering when it will ever end. One of my colleagues summed up some of the lessons he learned, some of it I was able to relate to, so I'm sharing it here.

1. Cebu Pac Go-lite is right. It's better to go w/o baggage.
2. You can still build new friendships even in your late 20s.
3. Work-life balance is for real, not just a concept.
4. Joining the rat race is a choice.
5. Don't be negligent in trusting. See those big companies crumble?
6. A house is not an investment.
7. Choose Mutual funds on the basis of risk you can take.
8. Happy wife. Happy me.
9. Let go of the not-so-good stuff in life to give space for better things.
10. Help comes in many form. Discern on what others/you really need.
11. Do not forget your mistakes in the past.
12. Routine ain't bad. Coffee on Sundays w/ wife & bud ain't bad at all.
13. You will not lose anything if you give compliments everyday.
14. Use simple words as much as possible.
15. Don't sell your credentials. Let your work do the talking.
16. Friends are friends forever until you decide otherwise.
17. Invest now. "It's not about timing but a matter of time."
18. Write down as many dreams as you can. See how it feels.
19. Keep track of your successes in life. Celebrate it.
20. If beer is bitter to your taste, it means you don't need to drink.
21. "One for the road" means 3 beers... at least.
22. There is joy in going to an out-of-the-country trip without itinerary.
23. Keep a picture of your kid/wife. It can keep you sane.
24. Love life and it will love you back.
25. Learn to be comfortable with your own skin as you age.
26. A fancy dinner date never goes unnoticed.
27. Give back.
28. Share and donate.
29. Learn. Share some learnings, if you must, but do not preach.
30. Remember your roles (father, brother) & be reminded of your worth.


What I did on the first day of 2009.

>> Friday, January 2, 2009

Shop. And shopping is what I do best. Yeah, right.

I wasn't really planning on doing some shopping on January 1st because I had it slated for January 2nd since it's the start of the Zara year-end sale. But then, I woke up and my hormones were all in a tantrum and I couldn't help myself, thumbed "ATC tayo, now na." (Let's go to ATC, now) to my best friend. To which she quickly replied, "Sure."

As I had gotten ready to leave, I saw my left front tire and my heart sank. Sure I know how to replace a flat tire but that doesn't make me wanna change the fact that it's flat and I'm all prepared and ready to go. The solution? Use the other car. Bwahahahahaha.

So I drove over to ATC in a matter of minutes. D and I had planned only to chat and have some coffee but, well.. I did't have coffee but here's what I bought:

1. A white, crisp long-sleeve top from Kisses & Co. I love, love this store so much because: 1. It's a local company and 2. They seem to make the loveliest office attire I could ever want. Crisp, sharp but with a little, I mean, little touch of femininity.

2. Lizzy Slimfit Jeans from Mango

In size frickin' 2. Okay, the first piece I tried was actually a size 1 and I was disappointed that it won't go beyond my hips when I tried it. There you go, reality check. I, Tara, is no longer a size 1. Blame the holiday bingeing. Anyway, I'm so in love with MNG jeans. They are lowrise and fits me well like paint. Ever since my discovery of the skinny jeans, I have never wanted to wear any type of jeans anymore, but led me to buy...

3. Levi's Bootleg Women's Jeans. Bah! I didn't even like them It's just cos they fit and they're on sale but I don't even wear bootleg jeans. UGH.

4. A huge overnight bag from A Bag's Life. Teh BFF and I bought identical ones because it's el cheapo at PhP 500! 

5. A plum tube dress with belt at the ATC bazaar area. Don't you just love bazaars? I love, love, love them! The only thing I hate is not being able to fit what I wanna buy but still.
Oh and am wearing the dress tonight when I shake my booty over to Bureau. 

Happy New Year!



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