Love Local Part 2: Plains & Prints

>> Monday, July 29, 2013

Lately, I've been on a local streak, using only local stuff and telling the world about it. It all started with the stock market, and then I was re-introduced to Human Heart Nature and then lately, I've been seeing Plains & Prints everywhere with Anne Curtis in it.

Normally, I never really bother, because I am not a fan of many local celebs. I feel like most of them are just trying to be like each other. But Anne Curtis is a favorite, because she is so human, she sings awfully and proud of it, but she is really beautiful and she has some great stuff on her Instagram account.

Plus, the clothes are really beautiful.

This is my favorite amongst the collection.

Perfect for work, yes?

Love this ensemble :)

The new stuff from Plains and Prints are just so nice! I have lots of stuff from Plains and Prints and I'm so proud that I'm wearing local stuff. They're not so badly-priced, too! I'm leaving today {as this is published} so no more chance for me to buy. Hopefully, there's some more left when I get back to Manila!

Happy Monday, folks!


Is it worth it?

>> Thursday, July 25, 2013

I had been reading last night about the the secrets of centenarians and how they came to live to be a hundred. There were a lot of tips about always moving, always learning, and one that struck me the most: Be lovable.

Page from Real Simple's August issue

Of course, no one we all know has a lockdown on how to be lovable but I would suppose that has a lot to do with being calm, being kind, understanding and everything that's good and right in the world.

So I started doing that. For two waking hours, and eight sleeping ones, I thought I was lovable. I smiled with my heart, including my liver and my kidneys.

And when the next day began, I continued my "lovable" streak. Until work stuff came creeping in and I was transformed into a fire-breathing dragon. It would be a disservice not to say it but sometimes, no matter how much you love your job, the palpitations you get, the emotional rollercoaster, the stress, the can't-sleep hours can really drive you crazy. And worse, you become the worst version of yourself.

Disclaimer: I know that far too many people go through worse stresses than I do but they are not me and I am not them and that's that.

And so I thought: Is it really worth it? I have yet to find out.


Review: ZA Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation in OC30

>> Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1990s babies, you read that right. ZA Cosmetics, aka the makeup brand we only saw in between MTV Classic and MTV Cribs before, is back. 

And because I was so young then, as you were, too, I had no idea as to how ZA performed as a product. I even thought that ZA was a Singaporean/HK product when all along it was from Japan. Karen Mok was always in their TVC, I remember. If it's from Japan, it must be perfect then!

What ZA promises:

  • Smooth, microfine powders spread evenly over the skin. Minimize the appearance of pores, uneven skin and dullness.
  • Contains collagen, Vitamin E and moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid.
  • Gives a lasting bright finish. Anti-shine powder absorbs excess sebum to prevent shine and stickiness. 

The Good:

  • Updated pink compact packaging. If I'm not mistaken, ZA's colors used to be bright yellow and aqua blue. 
  • The coverage is PERFECT. I use the sponge dry and I get thick coverage, which most days, is what I need. When I need lighter coverage, I use my Charm brush to apply. Complexion after application is even and smooth as promised.
  • Refillable. One can always just buy the refills and keep the compact.
  • Affordable. A compact's price is Php 325 and a refill price is Php 395. 
  • Locally available {finally!} at SM Aura Beauty Department, Landmark Makati, Landmark Trinoma, and SM Aura Watson's. 
The Not too good:

  • Sadly, ZA's two way foundation broke me out in rounds of huge cystic acne after two weeks of usage. I stopped for one week to regain my skin's calm and tried it again but sadly, too much coverage breaks me out I guess. 
  • ZA's Perfect Fit Two Way Foundation is an awesome addition to any girl's makeup bag --- for that flawlessly smooth complexion. As with any new product, do test it on your chin first and if you can, try it out first in samples before buying the full product.

Happy Tuesday!


Love for country

>> Monday, July 22, 2013

I remember very well when I was part of the audience at TEDxKatipunan that it took a British national living in the Philippines to ignite a love for my own country. Where we shunned our own country, Dylan Wilk found faith in the Philippines.

You can hear the rest of his story on how he fell in love with the country with the video below:

"If you put gold into the ground and kick it around, it will no longer look and feel like gold," was what Dylan Wilk said about the Philippines. And if only for that, I would want to support the community of Human Heart Nature.

Did you know that in Korea, they even have LG-branded soaps? Did you know that Thailand prioritizes selling their local products? It's true --- love of country can't be just singing the national anthem. It's believing in this country, believing in its businesses, believing in its stock market, in its government, in its system, following its laws.

Been a fan of Human Heart Nature since years ago BUT it's a big plus that
they've changed their packaging!

The Filipino is like that gold being kicked around, being told it's not good enough. Chin up, Philippines. Love your own with fierceness and conviction {this is for you, US Embassy, for always asking me what am I doing in this country still}. If you don't love yourself, support yourself and invest yourself, no other country will. And while HHN is just a small part of the bigger picture, HHN is doing a great job in starting to uplift the Filipino business picture.

Love local things. Today.

Happy Monday!

Human Heart Nature is available through their website or through HHN dealers nationwide.


Things I Love Sundays: People of Good Quality

>> Sunday, July 21, 2013

As I type this, my friend J is fast asleep in my bed after a long talk during our 'slumber party.' We've spent the weekend together, in preparation for her nearing departure. She had grown to become one of my closest friends and I'm glad for that.

Earlier, we've spent the entire day eating: pancakes, more pancakes, bacon, kale, cashews and more food than I'd have eaten in the last week. Over lots of food, we also spent the day talking a lot about things and the Sunday morning NOT being hung over. Things do change after some time, yes? After all that, we went to the supermarket to replenish the dwindling stock of my pantry and J effectively re-stocked my kitchen with the right greens and fruits.

And so I realized, that on top of being blessed with people who listen to me or tell me about the deepest of their thoughts, I also have people who care about whether my papaya is too ripe and that I could detox with mint leaves, cucumbers and lemons.

Plus people who sing the Banana / Potato song with me over breakfast. I guess I really am a lucky girl.


Breakfast of Twentysomething Independent Women

It always, always comes as a surprise when I get to talk to friends and female colleagues about the very delicate subject of breakfast. Most women tell me they don’t eat breakfast. It was for a multitude of reasons: rush hour, no one cooked, no yaya, no time. No time.

In breakfast, and everything else, I don’t believe in having no time. If you value something, you will create time for that. No ifs and buts, no excuses.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is how I feel about breakfast.

Ever since I was a four-year-old kid, I would always hanker for breakfast. My mom never left home without leaving me pancakes, or tapsilog, or bananas or toast. When I was in college, I had househelpers who even if they went clubbing the previous night {yes, they did}, would prepare me yummy food in the morning.

Now that my mom is miles away and I don’t live with any household help, it IS up to me to make my own, sleepiness, laziness and general morning sluggishness be damned.

Because I really love breakfast, especially Monday mornings as far I am concerned, here are some breakfast ideas for the always rushing, always busy twentysomething. Did you know not eating breakfast will affect your entire day?

1.    Pancakes + Maple Syrup + Ginger Tea

I recently chanced upon a tiny box of pancakes by Maya Kitchen, which cooks about three pancakes. Pancakes are super easy to cook, you just add eggs, butter, milk, and water to the powder mix. You can mix these in a small bowl and pour over the pan lined with butter. This cooks in 3 minutes or less {I use an induction cooker that’s why} and in less than 15 minutes you’re done! Pour over maple syrup {healthiest syrup in my book, avoid corn syrup UGH}, or mix with Hershey’s chocolate syrup if you like. As for your morning drink, I was recently introduced to powdered ginger tea by Ludy’s {about PHP 80 a jar} and it is yummy! Tastes a bit like The Spa’s Ginger Tea!

2.    French Toast + Milk Chocolate

Soak bread {I only have Gardenia California Raisin bread all the freaking time hehe} into beaten eggs, fresh milk, cinnamon powder. The more stale the bread, the better. Once you’ve soaked the bread, fry into the pan with butter and repeat on the bread’s other side. Serve with maple syrup {of course} and fruits like sliced bananas. Takes about 20 minutes for 4 slices.

3.    Waffles with Papayas + Soya Milk

For this one, you will need a waffle maker. If you do have, you can use pancake mix {see procedure above} and once you pour the mix onto the wafflemaker, close the lid and wait for about a minute, depending on your appliance. Once it’s finished, you can pour over maple syrup and sliced ripe papayas {only my favorite fruit these days}. Enjoy your meal with a glass of soya milk.

4. Oatmeal and Freshly squeezed orange juice

As pointed out by my mom, she loved cooking me oatmeal when I was younger, a meal I replicate today by using Quaker Oats oatmeal in sachets. They're great snacks for those small pangs of hunger and they make snacking come with lots of fiber. A particular favorite is the cinnamon and apple crisps variety as well as the brown sugared ones. Don't forget to squeeze some orange juice or water with lemon if you've got a little more time.

5.    Cereal + Soy Milk + Brewed Coffee

If the above meals deceive you into thinking that I'm some Junior Martha Stewart, well, most days, I'm not. And I wish I always had the energy to putter around the kitchen. Most mornings, I am too holed up with Zite, an app where I get stuff I really want to read like the latest news, HBR blogs, those kinds of things. So most days, I am eating healthy bowl of Nestle Fitnesse, with Nestle Nonfat Milk and Brewed Coffee with Coffeemate in Vanilla {which is my absolute favorite creamer in the world}. I sometimes add raisins, bananas, peaches or whatever fruit I have in my fridge. Not only do I have quick breakfast in the morning, Nestle Fitnesse cereals are also perfect for midnight snacking, when one is glued to the TV, watching old movies and reruns of medical, surgical drama. And it's supposed to give you flatter belly, too! I've seen women in the blogging world do the 14-Day challenge thing, by eating Nestle Fitnesse twice but I'm not too sure how that works. Oh and BTW, each box is less than Php200, too.

This is a favorite :D

But this is my most favorite :D


Image by

Got any breakfast ideas?


Fresh Flowers, Fresh Memories

>> Friday, July 19, 2013

I will let you in on a little secret: Of all the things this very blog had been giving me, fragrance is the category that I like best. Not to be ungrateful for all others, but fragrance is something that truly wipes away bad stuff in recent memory and provides a fresh perspective.

Like today. It’s my third day to wear Kenzo’s Flower, a scent I remember from the yesteryears. I don’t have a memory attached to it --- which was great. I could write new ones today.

Just because Shu Qi is my girl crush =P

Do you know what I will remember with it? I will remember having an awesome day carrying out an online campaign for my cause. I will remember my crush giving me a healthy drink of peaches, oranges and bananas. I will remember being able to survive Barre3. I will remember coming home to a clean, homey apartment. I will remember watching reruns of Grey’s Anatomy while eating papaya and wheat bread with a smile in my face. I will remember exchanging stories of the highlights of the day with my colleagues. I will remember exchanging funny emails with my parents. I will remember looking at the dashboard of this blog and know in my heart that at that very moment, writing for it is what I should be doing.

And because it's Friday, this is my Friday kind of music:

Happy days are here again.
Happy Friday!


What I Know For Sure: Your Focus

>> Tuesday, July 16, 2013

... is what determines your reality. 

I only heard of this from our President last Saturday, and in the haze of everything that was happening, I forgot to take note of which popular person it was who said it.

The point is, we really ought to be watching our thoughts all the time because if we don't, things do get out of hand. Peter Drucker's words echo in my head ALL the time, as if haunting me all the way to Asia. That said, there's so much things one can learn from business that can be applied to life.

  1. If you can't manage yourself, you can't manage anyone else. - Peter Drucker Mathematicians are born, but trigonometry can be learned.History’s great achievers—a NapolĂ©on, a da Vinci, a Mozart—have always managed themselves. That, in large measure, is what makes them great achievers. But they are rare exceptions, so unusual both in their talents and their accomplishments as to be considered outside the boundaries of ordinary human existence. Now, most of us, even those of us with modest endowments, will have to learn to manage ourselves. We will have to learn to develop ourselves. We will have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution. And we will have to stay mentally alert and engaged during a 50-year working life, which means knowing how and when to change the work we do.
  2. That opportunities are all over the grounds you walk on, you just need to recognize them.
  3. Every once in a while, take off your shoes and dance. Just dance.

  4. That success is hardly a measure of salaries nor position. To me, success is being able to switch off and walk away from the demands of the job to honor your health, your nerves, your sanity and just be the nomadic person that you want to be. I am done being affected by people who brandish their 'busyness' into my face. I used to feel guilty that I only worked 12 hours, and that other people were working 15 long ones. Then again, nobody asked me to work 12 hours, much more 15. I should go home when I am done.
  5. As if this blog wasn't enough, and BDJBox, here comes yet another dream come true. Brighter Life, a site chock full of personal finance wisdom! Click click click!
  6. That life is truly, really short to be unhappy. Cheers!



And the winner is...

>> Monday, July 15, 2013

Remember this fabulous little number? Guess who won?

Congrats, Jill! See you soon so I can give you your prize! 

To everyone who joined the giveaway, thank you for supporting and good luck for next time's contest!


Promise yourself

>> Thursday, July 11, 2013

Days have been harrowing, that much I know. Whether that's good or bad, I can't really tell. It's been days of being on autopilot and there are days I think to myself: What have I gone into? Have I put too much on my plate? Then I find myself getting more things to do, as if needing to fill up the time so I don't have to think. Or feel. On my walk back from Barre3 class, it was fortunate that there was a slight drizzle so I had to focus on walking upright so I wouldn't slip on my bottom. Better that than to think of other things.

And then I saw this, amidst the internet trolling I'd been doing {for research, of course xx}. And then everything was right in the world again:

As I always say, be your own heroine, as opposed to being the victim of your life.
Chin up.




>> Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just a quick note to share with you my happy song for today, Smile by Uncle Kracker. :D

Hihi :D


Tips for a better looking ID photo

The thing about it is---we don't really need to.

But ID photos have become the most unflattering photos, especially those that are taken in ghetto ID-taking stations such as the LTO (under the heat and after hours of waiting) and DFA (where the lights are always blue), and with bad quality camera and visa photos (where no one is allowed to smile). As if that's not sad enough, girls with unflattering proportions (such as myself) cannot even angle it to look thinner.

After a small discussion with the BDJ Ministers on how to achieve that semi-human photo, and inspired by Vogue's Anna Wintour's ID photo which was taken by Mario Testino, here are some tips to elevate our ID photos a little bit.

Check out my recent article for here.

And if you're curious at how my recent ID photos look like, here they are:

Convinced yet? =P
Hop on over to my article on the BDJBox site!


The Road to Becoming Stocks Smart

>> Tuesday, July 9, 2013

“When you’re ready, the teacher will come,” said my yoga teacher, when about two years ago, I began going to Ashtanga Yoga.

One Saturday some months ago, while my friends were busy preparing for a half marathon, I was conquering a different fear: getting to know the ropes of the stock market. It was after six months of debacles with a friend to get me into the world of stock market.

To me, all stock brokers look like Shia. :D Hehe.

“You have had stock certificates since you were a child and have been to the trading floor and have had brokers for childhood friends. What do you need a stock market class for?” asked my friend as we walked along Ayala Ave. where currently, the Makati Stock Exchange stood.

“I never really understood it, and while my mother knew all about it, my comprehension was too young then to truly understand why I should care,” I responded.

Fifteen years after my first ever stock certificate, I am finally getting to know the Philippine Stock Market, thanks to a friend, Marvin Germo, who is doing a great job in educating the Philippine market {who I believe is now ready} for the world of stocks.

As a newbie, I thought I’d share some of the stuff I learned over the weekend:

1. Companies who go into stock market sell their shares for the public to buy it. The money they raise from the IPO (Initial Public Offering) is often used for expansion projects or looking for additional financial capital.

2. A stock market is like an actual market: there are buyers and sellers, who will trade for a certain price.

3. Before thinking of all the money you can earn in the stock market, list down your goals first on why you want to earn money.

4. Make sure you’ve stashed away your emergency fund and that you’re not using it to invest. This keeps you from giving yourself mini heart stress when the stock market goes up and down.

5. There are two ways to earn from the stock market:

a) Capital Appreciation – say you buy Stock A at PHP 1.00 today. When its price goes up to say, PHP 1.20 and you sell your shares, you earn PHP 0.20. The same way, you can also lose, if you buy at PHP 1.20, its price goes back to PHP 1.00 the next day and you sell.

b) Dividends. When the stocks you buy are what they call “Preferred Stocks,” the company owning the preferred stocks release dividends, usually annually. As a word of advice though, always check the track record of the company when buying preferred stocks for dividends. For preferred shares – you can choose this instead of putting annually just put cyclical or regular basis. Common shares also give dividends though.

6. A stock’s price is not dictated by the actual worth of the company. Often, it is dictated by the market’s pulse: on how much should it cost per share.

7. The Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) is the list of top 30 most active companies in the stock market. It tells one at a glance where the market is going, up or down. If you’re a newbie, best to invest in PSEi-listed companies first, according to Marvin Germo.

8. One’s reason for investing (buying a company’s stock) should be based on a grounded reasoning and strong belief that THAT company will get better. This will help one tide over some days when the stock market fluctuates due to speculations and external factors. It is for this reason that investors should always be in the know of things. Read the news always and conduct your research well.

9.  A bullish market is when there are more buyers than sellers. A bearish market is when there are more sellers than buyers. It is a simple application of the law of supply and demand.

10.  There are two kinds of traders: the short term and the long-term investors. As I had discovered, while the stock market is deemed volatile {I am after all, a mutual funds kind of girl}, the stock market is a friend for the long haul. While they will NOT always behave like this, it is good to note that things do go up after a long time. DMCI for example, went up 21,000% over 10 years.

There’s so much more to the Philippine Stock Market and I, like many, is stoked to be understanding all these things. Stay tuned in this space as we go through the journey to a brighter life!


What I Know For Sure: Forever Young

>> Monday, July 8, 2013

It happened while I was comfortably seated at an eye level seat of a cinema in Makati, watching a much anticipated kiddie movie with yellow blubbering creatures and a teeny tiny girl with affinity for all things fluffy.

I laughed. I laughed so hard I think people inside the cinema were wondering what the hell was so funny. And as always, I don’t remember what it was. But surely, a one and a half movie could surely bring back the kid we all once was.

That and hanging out with a fourteen year old.

With my new BFF, Sunshine :D

  1. I’ve always loved playing with kids. But being surrounded by them is just as fun. As I was lining up to get Despicable Me tickets at Powerplant, I was surrounded by kids running around, bugging their daddies to watch the minions. Some were choosing Sully and Monsters’ University so it was a squealing festival. In the middle of it all, I smiled quietly and took it in. It felt like Christmas.
  2. I spent that Saturday with Sophie and her sisters and the youngest, and I were talking about One Direction, Daniel Padilla, and Lee Min Ho. After a week, months and years of being responsible, it was refreshing to feel youthful.
  3. It isn’t too late to learn something. Last week, I attended a makeup workshop conducted by Bobby Carlos. Yesterday, it was Marvin Germo’s Stock Smarts. Last, last week, I attended my first Barre3 class. Bob Dylan sang “He who isn’t busy being born is busy dying.” I say he who isn’t busy learning is busy dying. Keep learning.
  4. I am loving these new apps: BPI Express Mobile {for my bills!} Meralco’s MOVE {to compute my appliances’ electricity consumption}, Victory Fort's App and Minion Rush {as recommended by my new friend Sunshine}. :D 
  5. Sometimes, all you have to do is ask. Last week, I’ve told you of things I don’t seem to get. Today, the world is brighter. I learned that sometimes, we just need to get over our pride and fears and just ask. Just ask. And you’ll receive.
  6. Holding back is just as important as being able to say things. And makes you just as powerful.
  7. No matter how hard it is, be the bigger person. Do not care who gets the credit as long as the work gets done. Remember. That. Always.
  8. Try something. Do not be afraid of failure {or rejection}. Hope for the best. Pray.
  9. Say sorry. You can list down the things you learn, things you wish you’d never do again and you will DO them again, without meaning to. But humans are sinners by nature and that will happen again. The next best thing is say sorry, no matter how agonizing that is.
  10. That nutrition is important. Start being mindful of what you put into your mouth as you are not young forever {as opposed to the title of this post}. Oh and get some sleep, too.
  11. The law of supply and demand is a law of life. You learn this and you’re set.

What do you know for sure this week?


Thoughts While Pulsing

>> Friday, July 5, 2013

There is this feeling that I get whenever I attend classes aimed for other women. I get it when I enter the studio, lodge my stuff onto the lockers and see other women get ready for the class.

It’s not the same feeling as when I am in a gym where there are various faces of women who come tracing the rubber steps of treadmills for not too readable reasons.

For Plana Forma, Barre3 and from years ago, pole dance class, I have this sense of feeling like I belong in a cult. It’s like a cult who collectively thinks of achieving a better sense of physique such as a flatter midsection, a toned tush, more defined thighs, smaller arms.

Every moment is work, that much I know. When we lift weights of two kilos each, I mentally challenge myself into thinking how much better my arms will look against the dresses in my closet. When the teacher gently says “Hold it,” when we stop pulsing {moving the legs in small, painful motions}, I think of all the times I chose to sit in my desk chair, opted to sleep out of laziness or had drinks instead of running a few kilometers.

And then I glance around the class, take note of the women who are equally struggling as I am and see my motivations and myself in their faces. I see a mom who’s trying to lose the pregnancy weight. I see the woman who’s tried many fitness routines but still trying to find “the one.” I see the girl with the perfect toe socks who can rock the air side split --- I can tell she’s been at this for a long time. I could count about three women in Lululemon in the room and I had been wondering, and mentally noting that I really should get me some in my next trip to the other end of the world. It’s like there’s this secret meeting of women who like wearing Victoria Secret and Lululemons, doing tough, visually awkward poses and swear we never tell anyone why we don’t worry about our calves and how we can manage to wear bikinis in two weeks’ notice.

Most of all, I was beginning to know the women through these details, it makes me wonder what kind of lives they led outside of the studio. I wonder if like me, they also gained that strength everytime they lifted the weights successfully, or perched their glutes perfectly on the Pilates ball. I wonder if like me, every end of a Barre3 class signified the affirmation of the belief that it’s all okay, that things can be weird and uncomfortable but you can always choose your battles and you can win them. That "you can take a break and come back stronger." Like the battle between you and the weights, and the un-fitness.

And when the class is done, we all go on with our lives, and carry on with the rest of life’s battles.


Chronicles of Giveaways: Win a Maillot by Kristel Yulo

>> Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Thursday, my dearest readers!

It's a beautiful morning and as I type this, I am sipping milk {non fat, of course} and contemplating life. As always, my mind works best and out of the box on mornings so here I am, taking a break from that to give away something: A designer maillot by SLIMS and FIT alumna Kristel Yulo!

Giving away that maillot on the right as worn by Jasmine Maierhofer. So yes, it's teeny tiny!


  1. See Rafflecopter widget above to join.
  2. Winner must be able to pick up the dress from me at Bonifacio Global City area.
  3. Winner must be size 0 - 4 {sorry, the dress is pretty tiny!} 
  4. That's all! Will announce the winner on July 15, 2013
  5. Good luck!

Happiest of Thursday, loves!


{Feeling} Bridal Days

>> Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"A woman is most beautiful on her wedding day," my mother said, in one of those Hallmark moments, where she may have been braiding my hair.

So ever since that day, I had been looking forward to that day when I'd get married to a faceless guy {as I don't really know nor have I imagined who I'm going to marry yet}. I actually have a dedicated Pinterest board for when I finally say "I do," --- and as I've said in this blog, it's my therapy to look at wedding blogs so it only makes sense to envision my own future wedding.

The perfect bridesmaids' dresses for my bridesmaids :D :D :D

To be honest, I used to have every single detail planned out: from the dress {strapless, with poufy skirt}, the motif {blush, turquoise and mint}, the songs, location {Provence} and everything else.

And then, I just kind of got tired of it and decided on a new goal: to become a wife. To the best wife I can ever be. And not just a pretty one on the day of her wedding.

I know that we women are prone to falling into the trap of wanting to be the most beautiful and radiant bride to ever walk the aisle. It is a fantasy come true to be the bida of one day, where all eyes are on you and no one else. I remember having this conversation with my dad, "How come the wedding is never about the bride and the groom and always the bride," he asked. "It just is," I said. He just shook his head in disbelief. :D

At 27, I have stacked my bridal dreams on the side {never forgetting, just laying them on the side ha ha} and focused on what matters more: building a life together. Surely, I haven't met that person yet and I don't know when but I do want to be someone's wife, and to have someone for better or for worst, not just someone who looks amazing in a suit -- though that doesn't hurt.

I look forward to waking up in the mornings to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner. To planning the rest of our lives, sharing my blessings {and/or trials}, to honing the capacity of my heart to understand and take care of someone even if I come to a point that I don't want to anymore.

Besides, I have every day to be bride-pretty. Bobbi Brown sent over a luxe palette intended for the Bobbi Brown bride: subtle, classy, delicate. Or at least how I interpreted it.

The chic packaging makes it perfect for any theme.

Espresso is a current favorite --- might show you my everyday makeup soon!

Bobbi Brown Luxe Palette Bridal Collection is available at all Rustan's Department Stores for Php 3,200 (price). 


Chronicles of Trying to Get Back to Fitness: Barre3

>> Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It was that news that The Sopranos’ James Gandolfini died of cardiac arrest during vacation in Italy that had me springing into frenzy. I haven’t been doing yoga for a few months now; I’ve pushed my cleats onto the back of my closet. Despite mindful effort towards eating healthily, I think I’ve been nutritionally deficient than ever and well, I am slowly becoming a slug with brown hair and well-drawn lipstick.

I knew I needed to jumpstart my activity and I knew the quickest way to do that was to run. Or haul my bottom to the gym of my building, or have a quick lap at the roof deck pool. But I didn’t and I haven’t until after living like a sloth, I finally hauled myself, and two other friends, to Barre3 to jumpstart myself.

And man, it felt good. And painful.

Viel, our Barre3 trainer, assured all of us that it wasn’t going to be excruciating. As I had been to a couple of Plana Forma classes last year, I got to thinking that I can endure any 60-minute training that targets the muscles that are rarely used while running, chasing soccer balls or healing my soul on a yoga mat. Barre3, as I discovered is a mix of ballet, Pilates and yoga. It couldn’t be that scary, yes?

The Pros:

  • Situated at The Spa building in BGC, Barre3 is incredibly convenient to many women like me, who likes doing things in one go. We were seriously thinking of getting a Swedish massage after our class but hunger got the best of us after so :D
  • Like The Spa, the ambiance of Barre3 is far from ‘military,’ an adjective I reserve for gym-like, highly-exhausting classes such as Plana Forma and Urban Ashram’s yoga classes. While there is nothing wrong with being military, I like my physical activities to be on the soft and relaxing side. 
  • It smells like The Spa, too.
  • Clean, nice bathroom. I don’t think there’s a shower though.
  • The lockers can fit my huge gym bag. Most gyms don’t.
  • Clean mats, Pilates balls and weights.
  • Viel told us to take all the breaks we want. Of course, that would mean a student can just forfeit her class and sit out the entire class {and what is the point?} but as someone who hadn’t been doing anything active for so long, I didn’t feel guilty when I stopped at some of the counts. It were those moments that I realized how unhealthy I’ve been.
  • One can drink water, too, at anytime.
  • Barre3 concentrates on the legs, the tush and the tummy. Viel told us that most women who go there are actually women who just gave birth and wants to go back to their pre-pregnancy body. I would think this is a perfect thing to go to if you’re not looking into getting thinner, but just toned {and active}.
  • One class at one time. Crowded yoga/gym places turn me off, and I really like it when I walk into somewhere that doesn’t feel like SM for active people.

The Cons:

  • If you’re not the type who likes places near shops, well, this ain’t for you.
  • If you think Php 700 {which is pretty much the average nowadays} is too much for one session, you may find the fee expensive. However, Barre3 offers packages with attractive perks {like spa treatments, wee!}, then it makes sense.

Barre3 is located at The Spa building at Bonifacio High Street and has branches at Rockwell, Alabang, Trinoma and Eastwood. Soon to open are the Shangri La Plaza and Greenhills Promenade branches!


What I Know For Sure: The Opposite

>> Monday, July 1, 2013

For sure the world has a term for this --- when you want something you truly want, you will your entire being to gravitate towards that ONE thing and well, you just don’t get it.

You just don’t.

I may be contradicting myself as I type this, and for good reason, too. It had been a week that there were several things that I prayed for, asked for, worked my butt for --- and not get. You could say that it wasn’t my week.

So maybe life is sometimes like that. It will sometimes kick you in the gut and tell you something. It would tell you sometimes that it’s not yours and that maybe you should channel your energy someplace else. One of the past weeknights, I sat perched on my bed, faced the cloudless moon, and sipped wine while I asked over and over what my purpose in life was.

I still don’t know that.

But in the course of this post, I was called into the lives {again} of people I love, I spent the day going back to my old school, helping a friend reach Rio de Janeiro, talk about the goodness of life and enjoy amazing food. For once, I stopped thinking of the many issues in life and well, life just started easing out.

Cupcakes from Larcy's in BF. SARAP!

Maybe I should stop thinking so much and go back to my favorite hobby of watching Grey’s Anatomy.

It’s a new week, things will sprawl itself on its own.

I cooked! I hope it's edible.


Just as I was ready to let things flow on its own, I woke up to this post from my church --- and I was yet again, inspired to pray for something impossible.

Have an amazing week ahead, my dearest readers!



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