Things I Love Sundays: Bed Weather

>> Sunday, July 29, 2012

The battle with my bed every morning has become by far, the toughest I've had in recent years. The responsibilities, I had learned, do grow exponentially and most mornings, sleep has become even more delicious with overcast skies and cold that penetrates thick sheets. This feeling, waking up to really good weather, thick sheets and the smell of vanilla is just making me happy <3

Image via

Gratitude. This piece on Yahoo affirms my belief in counting every blessing no matter how small:

People who approach life with a sense of gratitude are constantly aware of what's wonderful in their life. Because they enjoy the fruits of their successes, they seek out more success. And when things don't go as planned, people who are grateful can put failure into perspective.

This. 1945. Because this is the source of many a sleepless night and heavy breakouts but it's all worth it.

 Arranging every single item on my closet by type and color. So therapeutic! I also weeded out everything size 0 and 2. Well, most of it.

I'd been breaking out {real bad} but my friends have been coming to my rescue!

A truly warm response for one of my more serious articles. The SONA last Monday made me feel like this country is truly going places. Go, Pilipinas!

Seeing and catching up with old friends. Worship service. Being a part of something bigger than me. Chez Karine. Being mentored and learning. Mentoring someone. Willa Ford.

LBDs. New makeup toys to play with. Family. Laughter at 5 PM. Letters.

This is why I think I might've been French in my past life:

I'm always in a hurry to get going, though in general I dislike starting the day. I first have tea and then, at about ten o'clock, I get under way and work until one. Then I see my friends and after that, at five o'clock, I go back to work and continue until nine. I have no difficulty in picking up the thread in the afternoon. When you leave, I'll read the paper or perhaps go shopping. Most often it's a pleasure to work. 

- Simone de Beauvoir

What are you loving today?


How to Have Hulas-Free Makeup | The shu uemura mousse base

>> Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Happy hump day of the week, everyone! Hugs and kisses from me!

Today, I'd like to share some of my thoughts on the famous shu uemura underbase that I initially tried over a makeup class in the shu uemura branch in Rockwell. Back then, I wasn't quite sure what the difference was between a mousse base and an actual liquid foundation and when I received a Mamechiyo-inspired mousse base sometime early this year. At first, I wasn't sure where it was supposed to get into the sequence of a makeup routine but as I have learned to squeeze it after sunblock and foundation, I realized its purpose in its life and that is to let makeup up stay put or in local parlance : Huwag mahulas.

The shu uemura UV under base mousse in standard packaging.

Mr. Shu Uemura always had aspirations to create a product convenient to use in a texture that is new to cosmetics.

he also sought for unique packaging that brought surprise to women.

with the above thoughts in mind, UV Underbase Mousse was developed based on Mr. Shu Uemura’s idea to create a product which performs as a veil between skincare and make-up for better make-up canvas.

a light make-up as transparent as the air
Mr. Shu Uemura

shu uemura’s UV under base mousse is the sensational mousse texture make-up base, beloved for almost 20 years as the must-have step for beautiful make-up creation.

latest technology introduces UV under base mousse SPF30 PA+++ with 20 times lighter* texture, to achieve “pore-less” complexion with exquisite coverage for long-lasting flawless beauty.

What I do have though is the limited edition cans designed by Japanese artist Mamechiyo:

 Manila weather, especially during summer calls for special skincare and makeup products to hold it in all day. When I started using this, back in April, and it was then that a step outside of my home and I'd already feel my makeup melting off. The product in my vanity table was a huge help in making my makeup last a long time.

The Good:

  • Initially, the product was just {in my head} meant to even out the complexion and neutralize the tone --- but it did more.
  • The product had a whipped-cream-like consistency, which I liked. It didn't feel like I was putting something heavy on my face, given that it was most of the time, hot and humid.

  • The product blended well with  the foundations I've used {Max Factor's Age Elixir, Lancome BB Cream, among others}.
  • Light as feather
  • No annoying smell -- just a very faint powdery smell.
  • Evened out my complexion and yellow tone. 
  • No stickiness, fortunately.
  • No breakouts / allergies but test and use at your own risk.
  • Comes with SPF 30!
  • Packaging. The original design for this product is sleek and clean {which I already like} but even more so this one that's designed by a Japanese artist. If there's anything I like with shu so much is that it embraces its roots so much one will learn so much about Japanese culture just by using their products.
  • Comes in four types: Beige, Pink Purple, Brightening {which I also have} and BB type.
The Bad:
  • That's one extra step in your daily makeup routine --- and if you're a busy woman, it can mean a LOT.
  • Not exactly price-friendly at Php 2,200 a can but hey, as I always say, one gets what she pays for. And shu uemura is tops when it comes to quality.

Directions for use:
  • Shake well until there's no clicking sound.
  • Pump a walnut-sized amount of the product.
  • Spread onto cheeks, forehead, t-zone and chin using your hand or your favorite foundation brush.
  • Blend.

Face: shu uemura UV under base mousse
Max Factor Age Elixir in Beige 55
shu uemura loose powder

MAC Brow Set in Girl Boy
in2it eye brow powder

Blush: Cover Girl

Lips: MAC Please Me

How do you get your makeup to stay on forever?
Share? xx


The Things I Learned from the Corporate World

>> Tuesday, July 24, 2012

... or in defense of the so called cube dwellers.

I've been in the world of time ins, polite emails and 8 AM meetings for six years now and while most of the time, I fall silent at the seemingly accusatory tone of the question "You have a day job?," most times, I don't feel like defending my day job {all the more, a job in a conservative industry}in order to save myself some energy. But when lately, I've been exposed to many a freelancer and youngins who scoff at the idea of being time-bound, over time, dealing with various sorts of comedic and stressful things, having to report to not just one boss, being at the bottom of the food chain --- I couldn't help but think --- and the corporate world is where we learn so many valuable lessons, ones that will help you advance in career and in life. Then again, maybe the corporate world bashing is another concept of Hollywood where one should always quit her job and "follow her heart."

Disclaimer: I am not generalizing anyone into anything into this post. Plus I'm not saying these things can't be learned elsewhere. Thank you. :)

So maybe it's not always the way to go, but I owe it to such kind of life to be grateful for all the things I've learned. And here, I'd like to share them with you.

1. Never wear slippers / inappropriate footwear. The thing with being your own boss {ergo, freelancing, or building your own business, again, no sweeping generalizations} is that one tends to forget dress codes, hence coming to meetings with the client {who is of course, a corporate person} and wearing something out of the I-work-from-home wardrobe. Rule of thumb is to always dress for the venue --- cos there's always the danger of one not being let in.

2. A good command of the language. One of the best things I learned from writing circulars, memos, business and sometimes apologetic emails is that I'd have to keep a professional voice, with a hint of personality, all the time. Not much situations call for such so I thank my job for this lesson.

3. Respect of mutual time. Being exposed to a lot of people from various departments and especially top management can mean really turning into a fast and furious driver when you're on a way to a meeting with one. Gathering that skill of being on time, one begins to make it a habit of being always, always on time for meetings. This is why it can be unfortunate when some youngins do not realize the gravity of the situation when they change their minds an fifteen minutes after the scheduled meeting. If you think you'll be late for a meeting, always, always inform the other party, or schedule it in the afternoon.

 On a normal day, this is how I look like.

4. If you're a company looking to do business with another business --- don't bully your way in. I was once tricked into a presentation meeting of a freelance man whose services I've respectfully declined because I didn't have any use {to be honest} of. I told them I'll be referring them to friends or colleagues who could need them. They sent me humongous files everyday in my work inbox. :s

5. Follow rules, create some of them, learn which ones to break. Being a member of a company with high standards forces one {in this case, that would be me} to adhere to several rules and standards whereas one could just be "pwede na yan" in some events, or instances. Some days, I'm guilty of working my way around a hard task in less than standard manner {for fear of deadlines} but the will to keep integrity always wins -- especially, if you're representing a brand.

6. You don't always get what you want. When I was 20, a fresh graduate and very hopeful, I had this idea in my head that I'd always be getting the tasks I want to do, articles I wanted to write and that my boss will always be happy with my outputs. Of course, it takes a lot of patience to accept and take risks with youngsters {I was once a clueless little girl, as affirmed by my colleagues} --- but now, after six years, I am desensitized to getting tasks I'd rather clean the toilet bowl over {trust me, there are tasks you'd rather not do} and realized that it's not called work for nothing.

7. The corporate world will challenge your spirit, your integrity and your faith. It is perhaps the best place to learn all those above.

8. The corporate world will teach you to be resourceful. When you've no hour to squeeze a jog, or do some sun salutations, you will find a way to make it real. Inside the building or not.

9. The corporate world will teach you the value of your time. Eight hours minimum that you cannot control means you will fight your hardest to have control of the 16 left. By fight, I mean having all the work done in eight hours or less.

10. Process. The problem with the creative mind is that it is rarely logical. I can't believe the corporate world has made me into a left-brain --- but as you move towards years of experience, it helps to know the roadblocks and how to approach them.

Left vs. Right by Mercedes Benz

11. Respect for Authority. What makes a good disciple of any faith and a good citizen of any country is respect for authority. The corporate jungle is a good ground for practice as you meet and understand that just because you can't see the leader, s/he isn't doing anything. Sometimes, a leader works quietly to lay the groundwork of a long term plan, for sustainable growth and overall success. Yes, really.

12. Mentoring. I've been blessed to have met numerous mentors since I've been in my job four years ago and these are the things that are hard to come by {though they still do} in an unstructured environment.

13. Make a decision. There will be times that you won't have access to your boss, or your boss' boss, and that you have such little time frame you have to make a decision. It's scary and it's nerve-wracking but it feels nice after.

14. Trust your people with the job and be discerning with other people who will "do something for you." Episode 2 of Suits best illustrated this when Mike gave George his job of filing the patent and the patent wasn't filed, resulting to some other company having it instead. Trust is a big issue in the corporate world and where else best to learn who to trust and who not to?

What have you learned so far from the corporate world?


Make Money, Make Sense

>> Monday, July 23, 2012

In which I try my best not to seem like I am a money expert because I am not. :D Yet.

 Might as well to have been me, four years ago.

Working in the financial services industry has quite been the odd counter to my life -- which has been, for the lack of a better term, all about shopping. Until I became a member of the company I'm working for now and finally, finally realized that life isn't all about acquiring pretty things that please us, I was a madwoman for all things on sale and my closets were always bustling with too many clothes and shoes. Like Jill, it took me a while to know that the way to being financially-free {a term meaning free of debt and can live comfortably} is a sound mindset that not everything should be bought. That, and a lot of investing.

When I made my list some years ago, two of the items were related in making more money and making more sense out of it.

2. Create and not touch an emergency fund. CHECK

I always preach about building emergency funds and sure I have a bit of money lying around for rainy days, or you know, spontaneous I-only-have-30-minutes-to-be-on-the-airport trips, but it's not exactly the kind of account that can get me through if I ever decide to live somewhere random, like Sydney or .. Barcelona.
STATUS: I'm currently doing freelance web writing jobs so it can serve as my shopping money whilst my main income goes to the EF.
18. Earn 50% more than what I am earning now.

My lifestyle isn't exactly cheap and with automatic savings and investments coming out of it, it's imperative that I actively take steps into earning more. 50%, in my opinion and looking at my situation, is a realistic goal.

And with the kind of lifestyle, of which has already changed drastically over the last four years, my mind says that I'm making more money --- which means I have to make more sense of all these income. I've made some lists and here are the things that have been helping me achieve a more financially-fit lifestyle:

1. EQ / Emotional Quotient. The philosophy of spending is pretty much the same philosophy that applies on eating: Eat only when you have to, in delicate chews, and with grace. Sometimes you eat for pleasure, but not all the time. Plus, don't grab whatever's on the table.

When you get rid of your feelings of helplessness or your woe is me mentality, you'll have better emotional intelligence to resist the retail sirens. Clearly, you have to wrestle with your demons to find out why you act the way you do. 

- Jill Sabitsana

2. Invest rather than spend. Oh, to spend without guilt! It has since become history as I've started to become more conscious of where I put my money. Paying for your MBA is considered an investment, and a dress worth Php 6,500, though relatively lower,  is spending --- know which ones serve a bigger purpose, and which one can help you in earning more.

3. A little in the bank, and for everything else, invest. I made quite the reverse, by investing first and saving for emergency fund, second. Now that everything of that is fixed, I can safely say that don't keep everything in the bank, mutual funds and stock markets will make you gain the way no bank can't. MFs and UITFs offer an average of 6% and higher gains, a savings account is less than 1%. Yes, really.

4. Stay off debt and credit cards. I used to maintain a credit card which I paid off fully every month. While the credit card companies didn't earn a single dime from me and my prompt payments, I had to lay off the purchase trigger that was the credit card. I could've avoided some of the unnecessary purchases but I didn't --- because it was too easy to buy it, as I was sure I could pay it anyways. But I didn't have to, and that money could've gone somewhere else, somewhere it could earn, too!

5. That said, make saving and investing easy. The thing about keeping a portion of income is that it's pretty hard to transfer money or put them away for investments. But banks and credit card companies made it easy for us to pay our bills and spend! This is why I like BPI -- they really did make it easy for us to save {check their website for your options, if you're a client}. Then again, for investing, you can check out Sun Life Asset Management :) {my monthly investments are automated and I was quite shocked to realize I have a lot in there already!}

You don't think of retirement when you're retiring -- you save for it when you're young.

6. If you're serious in finding out all the ways you can earn passive income, the seminars and workshops are all worth it. The thought of money talks, money workshops have seriously scared me way back. I imagine sweaty men trying to make the stocks go higher {I've seen the PSE trading room in the 90s, that is why} and fast forward to now, passive moneymakers {ergo men who know a lot about stock market, mutual funds and UITFs can still be pretty aggressive but with reason} are passionate in sharing how to get richer the safe and legal way.

As someone who has read statistics on how many percentage of the Filipinos are still borrowing from their relatives they get sick, it's painful to know that we all could've saved for the rainy days prior to getting sick. We could've saved for that college education {as stats show, not everyone finishes college nowadays}, and we could've saved up for that retirement instead of living with the grand kids.

 There's something to be gleaned from Aya Laraya's talk --- and no, money seminars aren't full of sweaty men on a busy trading day.

Check out the next seminar of Pesos and Sense here.

7. Stay away from temptation. I already knew that my weakness was shopping --- so it was imperative that I stayed away from the malls at all costs except when I absolutely had to. It had been working out well, so far.

8. Account for everything that you spend on. I used to think taking note of every single expense I made was such a chore until I saw how much a) I spent on shopping b) on things I didn't need, just that I wanted them and I wanted to cheer myself up on a lonely afternoon c) things I could've saved up on. Looking at my list back then made me want to scream at myself for having such low EQ and pushed me forward to make better spending choices and well, more money to save and invest. Here's a simple and {I hope} helpful Excel file of how I track my expenses which you can download and use here. Happy tracking!

9. Make a spending plan. Together with the things you have to spend on {ergo your daily needs}, take into account also the upcoming gastos such as your car's registration + change oil etc., your upcoming Japan trip, budget for Christmas gifts {I am saving for mine as early as now}, your trip to Europe next year, your child's school tuition, etc. It may seem daunting at first but knowing where you should allocate your money prevents you from blindly spending.

10. It's not how much you earn, it's how much you save. We Filipinos are guilty of this: We like whining that if only earned this much, we would be able to provide more for the family, we would be able to invest in ourselves, save up etc. But salaries will go up and if we have this mindset, it really will never be enough. Conscious saving and spending is key.

 Photo Credit: Money Summit

11. Read up on personal finance blogs. Some of my favorites are:


Like my previous How to posts, I might be able to whip up some more of these {after all, personal finance management is my personal advocacy} but for now, that is all and hope you can let me know some of what helps you manage your money so I can use it for myself and help others, too!



Words from Will and Grace

>> Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rainy days and Sundays can do this to me. <3

When I'm feeling like there's no love coming to me,
and I have no love to give
When I'm separated from the world,
and cut off from myself,
and annoyed by every little thing,
because I'm not getting what I want,
I'll remember that there's an infinite amount of love available to me.
And I'll see it in you.
And I'll remember that I'm complete within myself,
and; most of all,
I'll remember that everything I really need I already have,
and whatever I don't have will come to me when I'm ready to receive it.


How to Manage Time {Like a Boss}

>> Thursday, July 19, 2012

I had this weird notion in my head that it's impossible to manage my time until I had my very own assistants, just like Miranda Priestly, in The Devil Wears Prada.

Then again, in my humble state as a corporate junkie, I don't have three assistants puttering around to manage my schedule {maybe in a few years, HAHA}. So, what does a woman do but cope up and learn from the best.

{Yes, my dear Mac, this post is for you.} Many wise men say that our most important resource is our time and as for me, my goal for my time is to spend it on doing useful and revenue-earning things! And here are some techniques that helped me manage my schedule and precious {pretty expensive, in all honesty} time, as all our time are.

1. Plan at least one day ahead. As you grow older, more and more meetings will pile up and before you know it, you've overbooked yourself. What I do is, whenever I say yes to a meeting, an engagement, even a coffee or lunch out with a friend, I consult my BDJ planner and my iCal {I sync everything with matching alarms and all}. That way, I don't say yes to meetings where I am already booked.

2. Plan even the non-work stuff, especially your ME time. The trouble with us working women is that we sometimes forget to cut a slice of our day to spend on our individual desire. As I have learned, it's going to be tough destressing if we don't set aside time in advance.

3. Single-task. Once you've planned that 1 PM to 2 PM is the time for which you'll have to do all your email-related tasks {answering emails is a HUGE part of a corporate person's life}, do just that and don't look back. Getting distracted will cause you to linger in the task longer than planned and will create a domino effect on all your other tasks.

4. Determine how long it takes you to do a task. This is something that I learned from my IT colleagues: man hours. I've detested the thought of calculating how long it takes me to write a 1,000-word article but when I finally applied that to my tasks, I've been able to budget my working hours really well! If I know a task will take four hours, I will book my morning for that and not pile the work when it's virtually impossible to finish all of it in half a day. If a task is small, I put it together with all the small stuff and work on them simultaneously.

5. Sleep for at least 7 hours. Inadequate sleep is proven to decrease productivity. Listen to your body and sleep!

6. Plan your errands geographically. Look up the places you have to go to in a day via Google Maps if you have to. That way, you don't waste time on the road and getting all worked up over Manila traffic.


7. Know which ones are your daily priorities and strike off non priorities. As I've said, time and again, precious time is precious --- if you feel like you're wasting time on a task or it's not something you're crazy enough to do, give it up and do something more important.

8. List down even the single, minutest item that you have to do. Believe me, you're bound to forget. Forgetting means you'll have to go through the whole thing again and that means lost time.

9. Stay away from social media. Social media is such a huge time-waster, it's impossible to get anything done when you have the noise of Twitter in the background.

That's it for now but there may be a part two for this post. So tell me --- how do you manage your precious time?



How to Finish Reading Books {Without Trying}

>> Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The other day, a reader posted the following comment and in it came a question of how to start/finish a book:

Thanks Tara for sharing, i love, love reading your blog. I admire you for reading loads of interesting books (that I like) but don't have the courage to finish it. Can you please help me and encourage me to read and a t least finish one book, i have two kids (3.5 and 1.5) they're both good , i think i will still find time to read. The last time i finished a book was when i was in highschool. i'm almost 35 now and want to read but don't know where to start. please please help. thanks!

- Kaye Q

I guess I will start with the issue of choosing which book to read, in which case I will show you two books I got two weeks ago, Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange and Thirty Things by the Glamour Team. I have finished both books before reaching the next weekend and have moved on to several books on style {Nina Garcia's are all my favorites}. That, on top of working 14 hour days at the office, moving around the metro for shoots for these films and trying to have some semblance of a social life. Of course, if like Kaye, one has kids, and toddlers, too, I'm pretty sure it's even harder to read.

But how does one do it? There will be no hard and fast formulas on reading --- but here are some tips that has worked for me over time.

  1. Choose books that you really like. With so many things to do in a day, precious reading time is precious. I sometimes chance upon books I thought I liked, and challenged myself to read through the end and never finished it. I thought that if I am already on the fifth chapter and yet I don't feel anything, not an ounce of entertainment, I should just shelf the book and move on to the next read. I think that's my most important technique.
  2. Listen to yourself, and not the best seller list. We sometimes get pressured to reading titles because it appeared on the New York Times Best Seller list. I once tried to get through old classics but couldn't finish them because thrillers aren't just my thing. I used to feel bad that I couldn't get through page two of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings --- was it because I was shallow and I just wanted to read chick lit? Maybe so --- but I didn't care anymore, I will read whatever I felt like reading. Over the years, my conversational English have become superior, thanks to years and years of reading fiction {chick lit included}.
  3. Bring a book wherever you go. It took me years before I could actually stow a book into my bag. After decades of bringing school books every day, I wanted to revel in bringing a lighter bag and then I realized life could give us so many idle times it's always useful to have a book, whatever we're reading inside the bag. Useful in the airplane, too, when every gadget must be turned off.
  4. Read in the loo, in the lounge, or any place you find your mind wandering. 
  5. If you're not the e-book reader, don't force yourself to be. I am obviously not an e-book reader --- I've no ebook title ever finished. At all. So don't go guilty in purchasing paperbacks. 
  6. And at the same time, if you're the ebook type, continue reveling in e-books.
  7. And if you aren't both, find your medium. Most of my male friends are visual creatures so they always read graphic novels. A female exec friend is too busy to sit down and read so she listens to audiobooks {like Game of Thrones}. As we've learned, every person's learning path is triggered in various ways so know what's best for you. 
  8. Have a reading partner, or read to your kids. The best conversations I have in my life are always with friends, the books we both have read, or books that has changed our lives. Hearing about other people's experiences and interpretations of stories inspire me to find out for myself if I'll have the same or not.
  9. Lose yourself in the book. I try to be really engaged in a book every time I read. This means my phone will be on silent mode, my laptop turned off, my iPad away from me, and no sounds playing in the corner where I read, just a scented candle burning and pillows. 

That's it for now! I am off to my little reading corner to read my favorite Audrey Hepburn bios. To KayeQ and anyone having trouble finishing a book, I wish you well in your reading journey! Have a wonderful day, girls!



Psychedelicious Things | Majolica Majorca opens in SM Makati

>> Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Before I proceed to shower you with all things pink, I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday!

The first time I heard of Psychedelicious was during a dinner with Cathy David of Majolica Majorca and the rest of beauty bloggers at The Cake Club sometime in June, with which I made an outfit blog for that day.

As for the brand Majolica Majorca, I've heard it so much from Fuzkittie's blog {she doesn't blog anymore} back when blogging was rare and not too many women shared their beauty finds. I'd always admire the way Lash Expander Frame would enhance her Asian eyelashes and well --- despite the Majolica Majorca being too Asian for my taste, I became hooked and my eyes were peeled for the brand's opening in the country.

I haven't been present when it first came to the country but here they are, just opened {with a bang, can I just say} their branch at SM Makati! Enjoy the photos!

Bite-sized red velvet cupcakes and brownies and M&Ms!

Am a sucker for vintage things, lemonade and pink <3

 Nationalistic cupcakes, anyone? 

 But this has got to be my favorite: a pink swirl.

 Some kind of an afternoon snack.

 Good job, Cathy! 

 The Psychedelicious collection.

The actual cosmetics were inspired by yummy treats such as the cherry macaron <3

 Because a Majolica girl stands out in the crowd.

 Sometimes I feel like its illegal for me to use such cutie pies {being 26 and all that} but I cannot resist!
Majolica Majorca's slew of famous mascaras.

To everyone who wishes to lighten their eyebrows, this is the answer to your prayers.

The light brown Lash Colorist is a serious dupe to MAC's Girl Boy!

 The girls with Cathy {middle}, L-R: Marj Sia, Angela Nepomuceno, Cathy David, Denise Congco, ME! and Martha Sta. Barbara

 This time with L-R: Mikki, Kira, Liz, and Dior
{Photo from Liz' cam}

 Dress: Plains and Prints
Silk belt: Promod
Satchel: H&M
Pumps: Nine West

I ate cotton candy, drank lemonade, had myself a little sugar shock and spent the afternoon feeling like a little girl in candyland. Thank you, Majolica Majorca!


Review: Benefit's Brow Zings

>> Monday, July 16, 2012

One can never underestimate anymore the power of really neat and well-filled eyebrows.

Standard issue brows with a swipe of MAC Girl Boy. Feeling ok na ako nyan.

As there have been so many eye brow products in the market and the eyebrows, which I've been okay with as long as they're sorta blonde {thank you, MAC Girl Boy}, I didn't really search for anything else. For most of the time, I used In2It and ELF brow powders and well, they were great at first but seem to just fall off by the end of the day.

 A-ok eyebrows in the morning --- how about in the evening?

As a full time career girl, I wanted eye brow powder that would stick until the end of the day. 

During the Benefit 'slumber' party, I got a box of Benefit's Brow Zings, a product which hadn't made its rounds online just yet.


A Brow Zings Kit contains: Pigmented wax for shaping 1.7g Net wt. 0.06 oz, Natural-shaded powder for setting 2.65g Net wt. 0.09 oz., discreet tweezers, hard angle brush, blending brush, mirror, complete lesson

Wax ingredients.

First of all, why fill eye brows?

In the top most photo, I showed you a gel-filled eye brow. If like me, you have light-colored hair, gel tends to not do the filling job as powder-based eyebrow make up does. While it was acceptable at some level, brows with powder make it easier for gel to cling onto it, thus giving better-looking, natural, almost perfect eyebrows:
I said almost perfect because I did not pluck everything {see strays} and the end isn't as filled.

A little better but still not perfect. Still, filled and brown and much better than before.

Like any normal woman aiming to do good on her makeup, I am still very well on my way to getting perfect eyebrows {must go for threading soon!}. At the moment, I can share with you some of the things I love about this Benefit product:

The Good:

  •  The perfect combination of wax and powder. The trouble with going with 100% wax is the danger of looking too Barbie-ish. At the end of the day, we'd still like to look like humans. Brow Zings makes me look like I make mistakes, too. HAHA.
  • Happiness in two kinds of brushes. When I first looked at the insides of the kit, I was doubly confused at what they were for. Until I saw the printout -- an instructional lesson on how to use Brow Zings: {I do use my Charm Eyebrow Brush though.}

  •  Packaging. Always a sucker for all things pretty and classy, this Benefit product is high up in that league.
  • Unscented. No waxy, drugstore-esque smell. At all.
  • It will take me a lifetime to finish a box.
  • Comes in three colors --- maybe I'll try Light next time.
  • Doesn't fall off and clings to the skin.
  • Washes off when removed.
  • With the help of MAC Girl Boy, I am able to achieve well-filled, light eyebrows with Brow Zings. Perfect!
 The Bad:
  • Not exactly affordable at over Php 1,000 but like I said, a box is probably going to last you ten years.
Overall Recommendation:
Benefit Brow Zings, are by far the best powder brow makeup I've tried --- though I haven't exactly been using a lot of brands. If one were to invest in a powder-based brow powder, this is my best bet.

What about you, what's your eyebrow powder?


What I Know For Sure: Nothing

>> Sunday, July 15, 2012

This week, I realized that one can be older, wiser, more mature yet wouldn't know what s/he is doing.

  • Sometimes, one can be 26, 36 or 46 and still don't know what she's doing. If I was kid, I'd think you'd think adults would know what they're doing --- but they sometimes don't.
  • You can show someone your vulnerability and they'd be gone. It's confusing if this a good thing --- good riddance and all that --- or a bad one --- is this considered defeat?
  • That it's easy to use yourself as a topic at hand, as a conversation starter but at the end of the day, it's comforting to know you chose to keep it to yourself, that you actually have a secret, a fact about you that no one else knows.
  • That you can choose your friends but you cannot choose the ones you have chemistry with.
An Origin Story | Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

  • That at one point, you know you've stopped being sad and pained because you're waiting for the dam of sadness to hit you and it won't come. You're finally over it, relax.
  • That you can wonder if life is waiting to happen -- or just do something about it and make it freaking happening.
  • That at some point, you gotta stop friendzoning everyone who comes.
  • That every moment is precious, don't spend it with anyone you're not crazy about.
  •  That you're always too fabulous to fit in. And don't be surprised.

  •   That sometimes, being away from your comfort zone makes all the difference.

  • That a wine and sushi night and a friend you can count on now and until you are two crazy grandmothers is all you need sometimes.
What do you know for sure today?



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