Things I Love: Long Weekends

>> Wednesday, August 31, 2011

As a corporate slave, I don't really get that much vacation days. My weekdays are comprised of 18 hours spent on working, socializing, travel time to and from work, and blogger events, too. These are precisely the reasons why I prefer spending my weekends sleeping and doing household chores because I spend most weekdays awake and doing all sorts of things.

When our HR Team sent out a notice that there were two days after the weekend that were going to be non-working holidays, I immediately had thoughts of sleeping in the entire time and only waking up when it was time to go to work. As always, life had other plans as I found myself in Bolinao {Pangasinan} this long weekend. Plus other things in photos of the last two weeks:

With IABC North Asia President Ritzi Ronquillo {and one of my college mentors!} at the IABC Social Media Master Class at McKinley last week.

It's a blogger friendship milestone as Sasha and I spent three four days together, two of which were in succession! In this picture, we toast to friendship at Robot at Manila Peninsula.

Spending time with my cousins <3 has never been this fun.

 Stationery and notebook shopping. Do expect more love letters from me!

Plus purchased and borrowed books, too, which will take up my time this next few weeks <3

At the Celeteque Dermoscience Launch at SM Makati where I spent some time with fellow beauty bloggers <3

And of course, after which, we celebrated Phoebe's 16th birthday {photo swiped from her site}

And now, some snaps from Bolinao:

Afternoons in Bolinao were spent lounging in hammocks.

And walking along their fine-sand beaches. Ah, beaches, I have missed you so!

And reading to the soundtrack of the waves {really big waves, if I may!} crashing and the sound of laughter of friends, and seafood waiting for you. I could live like this for a long, long time.

Thank you Universe for letting me recharge {though I am still recovering from fever}, rejuvenated and reset, for friends who take care of you and for the chance to be away from everything. More of this, please <3



Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

>> Sunday, August 28, 2011

There is a bit of cloud hanging over the subject of lipstick that makes ladies completely surrender to it and treat it as the only cosmetic item they wouldn't skip --- or on the other side of the fence ---- the only cosmetic item they'd love to skip.

There are many factors, really, why women either cling or abhor lipstick. Some brands dry the moisture out of the lips despite the presence of lip balm. Some stain teeth because of pigmentation. Some brands are gone in 60 seconds. Some, while perfect, leave the pockets sad. {I have been using MAC Pink Nouveau everyday and I am sometimes boggled how the price of a tube is already one family's dinner}. What's a girl to do?

A handful of beauty bloggers {including me, a privilege, really} were invited at the intimate launch of Covergirl's Lip Perfection at Sweet Bella in Burgos Circle last week. While the mini, sweet event was in itself such joy, I further realized that the new Covergirl lipsticks were really good --- the products spoke for themselves.

But first:

Covergirl goodies for us to play with to emulate THE Drew Barrymore. And the dark M&M's are such a nice touch.
Our team's Covergirl is of course Jamie! <3

The super adorable Brand Manager of Cover Girl, Jinkie Simbulan, explains what's special with Covergirl's Lip Perfection.
{Forgot to take a photo of the pretty Aireen, Covergirl's Corp Comm Officer who's a deadringer for Drew!}

And here I am, in my original frizzy form, wearing Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Hot:

Photo by Sasha

This convinced me that red lipsticks can really make you look made up with just that on your face <3
That, and for the following reasons, I've been wearing Covergirl lipsticks everyday the past week:

  • Glides on very smoothly --- not much need for lip balm :D Thanks to its Silk Therapy component!
  • Smells YUMMY! As I've blurted out, it doesn't smell like Lola's makeup. In fact, I think it smells a little bit like vanilla, too.
  • Inexpensivo at Php 395 a tube.
As proof of me wearing the two shades I received from Covergirl, here are some photos from the past week which I took before diving to work:

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Hot and Dazzle and a lip liner in Suede

 This lipstick made me a morning person <3

Pouting on Osmena Highway =P And yes, I have no lip balm but it's so glossy!

Dazed and Confused in Hot

Red Fridays are the best. <3

Looking forward to getting myself all the other shades especially Temptress <3
After all, it truly was easy, breezy and beautiful. It's official, I love these lipsticks.
And I think I may have found my new everyday lipstick.

What about you? Tried any Covergirl lippy lately?


Of Advanced Greetings and Advanced Birthdays

>> Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's funny how an advanced, un-contrived greeting can result to one of the best advanced gifts ever.

So it was Madonna's {as in pop star, Material Mom Madonna} birthday last 16th but we were not friends so I decided to post my heartfelt birthday greetings to my friend Tania's wall because I had to get it out. As you can tell in the succeeding comments, people followed suit {to my examples, I sincerely apologize} thinking it was indeed her birthday. The first few comments had me snickering {sorry, guys!} but when 50 or so people have been commenting, I was panicking. Did I just set off something resembling a prank?

Lucky for me, Tania is not the pikon kind of friend. As soon as she came back from Cape Town, aside from the exquisite South African goodies she brought back for us, she gave me a super advanced gift which I thought was absolutely fantastic. Behold, the soundtrack of 1985 --- the year I was born:

A bit of history and trivia on the year I was born.

I only know REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling :D

And best of all, the handwritten bit:

Honestly, this is one of the best gifts I've received in a long time.
Thank you, T! Suddenly I can't wait to be 26! Most of all, thank you for the friendship.


The Good Life

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

Every Monday, I psych myself that the week is going to be one the best of weeks I'll ever have in my life and it seems like it's been working though been a while since I've felt this good. <3

Thank you, Universe! Oh and here's a Monday soundtrack, too!

Hugs, everyone!


Crazy Stupid Love

>> Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'd have to admit that the first reason I have wanted to see this flick was because I did not want to go drinking at 6 PM and reserve the vodkas and margaritas for when I would have to dissect the film and hurl mangling insults to expected bad acting, jokes that don't quite hit the right spot and all too cheesy lines pretending to be witty. And to see Ryan Gosling's abs. And that was all.

Sasha and I were wondering whether to catch it at Rockwell when we suddenly decided to hit the road and brave the traffic heading to Alabang and see Crazy Stupid Love.

This doesn't do justice to the movie at all.

I have seen this trailer a number of times in the last two months and I honestly thought it was a movie waiting to be called crappy. I couldn't get a good grasp of the plot {except that Steve Carell's character was about to be divorced and that Ryan Gosling was his hot friend}.

Having seen the movie now {twice in 24 hours, if I may add}, it truly is a story on Steve Carell's character, Cal Weaver, whose wife asks for a divorce after she's slept with a colleague. Cal's story revolves on how he wonders how he lost his manhood, how his wife have come to seek other things with David Lyndhagen and Jacob Palmer {Gosling}comes in to save the day and Cal's vodka raspberry drinking habits. He begins to unlock his swag and his appeal to the women populace and he realizes what his son had been telling him all along: Fight for your one true love.

That of course is the stuff hopeless romantic comedies are made of but what made this movie special was how real it was. Steve Carell and Julianne Moore felt like a real-life married couple, had such amazing onscreen chemistry. I was not sure how or why it happened by a day after I've seen it, I have thought about it again and again and inspired some more people to see it {with me in tow!} and this movie still elicited the same response from me over and again.

And because it's Saturday afternoon and I'm incoherent and my mind is still lazing and Sex and the City season 4 is running in the background and I am flirting with the idea of going back to bed, I am sharing some thoughts about the movie and hopefully I can inspire someone, anyone to go to the nearest cinema to catch this gem of a rom com.
  •  The first third of the movie may be slow for some, but there is enough emotion to get it flowing, to establish the characters' pains. 
  • Josh Groban is convincing as a douche-y lawyer.
  • Ryan Gosling. Now, after riding a bike and spewing out cheesy lines in The Notebook and playing that character in Blue Valentine, he takes a stab at playing a suit-wearing womanizer and exposes his "Photoshopped" abs. Reason enough to watch.

  • Emma Stone. Most people my age and in my environment loved her in Easy A and it's as easy to love her here as Hannah. She may not have as much screen time but every second of her on the screen is a burst of funny, cuteness, adorable-ness and wit.
  • That phone call between Emily {Moore} and Cal {Carell} left me glassy eyed. The things we do for relationships are far beyond words, or big, grand gestures. Those are the normal things that change in perspective when placed under different circumstances.
  • The Space Between. In the movie, Emily and Cal shared those private jokes that didn't seem like jokes until you realize there are those things only the two of you can understand {I am assuming most, if not all married couples have this} and as someone who have never been there, I think it must be so precious, I can't begin to understand how one would be in want of walking away from it or do something to lose that. 
  • If someone has to set time aside to think of you, down two glasses of gin {or vodka!} and walk away. Forever.

  • Marisa Tomei's character was annoying and un-funny and I hope none of my friends {or me!} ever have to go through what she went through.
  • The last movie of Julianne Moore's that I saw was The Kids Are All Right and she also cheated on her partner {Annette Bening} and now it's the same.
  • Steve Carell is much better here than he was in Date Night IMO, though Date Night was not so bad.
  • The soundtrack was pretty good. I was not familiar with any of the songs but I thought they were pretty perfect for a Sunday roadtrip. Oh and you can download it from here, too.
  • The scene from Dirty Dancing had me laughing for a full minute. They've done that in Heartbreakers, too and in that moment, I just knew I'd be loving this movie as much. 
  • And really, if anyone asks me to watch it again this weekend, I'd gladly oblige. And that would be my third.
  • Love is crazy and stupid but it's still love and it will never be overrated. If you've found love, strive hard to keep it and nurture it and please, don't do something stupid.
  • And now, according to Get Glue, I am a Hopeless Romantic. Now, really, Get Glue. What took you so long to realize that?

Can you please tell me if you've seen it, too? Or if you're planning to see it? I want to gush with you! Now, off to siesta!


Forever 21's August Sale!

>> Thursday, August 18, 2011

Here's another reason to happy about Friday <3 Thanks to Jane Kingsu-Cheng for the heads up. WOOT!

Aug 19 10AM-12nn:
10% off on regular priced items when you use your SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card
20% off on regular priced items when you use both your F21 Mastercard and SM Advantage Card/BDO Rewards/SM Prestige Card, with min purchase of P5K net of discounts

Aug 19-21: 10% off on regular priced items when you use your F21 Mastercard, with min purchase of P5K net of discounts

Aug 19-21: 5% rebate when you use any BDO credit card, with min purchase of P5K net of discounts

Forever 21 Mastercard holders can get in as early as 8:30am. Just present 1 valid I.D. to enter. One entry per card.

Forever 21 stores are located at the Second Level of SM Megamall A and at the Ground Floor of SM Makati in the Central Business District. You can also follow Forever 21 on Facebook ( and Twitter ( Check out their sneak preview album of the items for the 3-day sale :)

Want a Forever 21 Mastercard, visit and apply now.

Calling all my friends, let's go!


Have Passport, Will Travel

>> Monday, August 15, 2011

I wish to still be breathing by the time this phrase {Have passport, will travel} would actually be doable. For us, holders of that brown passport, we can only do so much and go through so many hassle of needing various visas before we can see the other side of the world. But a girl can hope.

 I can pretend I travel always in first class, from a first world country, even in passport holders.

But instead of dwelling on things we cannot change, I decided to focus on the controllable things in life such as vicariously traveling through what else --- scents and smells!

It's no secret really --- my nose is capable of bringing me to places and times visited. One whiff of a scent of which I have a memory attached to could send me to tears or falling down a rabbit hole of scenes, to be played in my mind over and over. A scent or its reminder I once fell in love with a man because of how he smelled {what an excuse, right?} and to this day, a man's scent will make or break his way to my heart.

Scents have a way of making me travel vicariously --- the scent of chicken broth brings back memories of Singapore, the dewy smell of leaves remind me of Montreal, Tim Horton's and sweet coffee bring to mind Vancouver, slick city streamed with sunshine and no pollution is a smell I attribute to Toronto {and SG!}, exotic herbs bring me back to Bangkok, and margaritas and fajitas never fail to transport me to Mexico.

And since it's been two and a half months since I've stepped out of a plane, I am getting cabin fever and wishing I was somewhere else --- and these three places, South Beach, Tokyo and Paris are not bad to be daydreaming of!

Paris Hilton Passport in Paris, Tokyo and South Beach

Party in South Beach! Shop in Champs Elysees! Eat sushi on the Ginza! Paris Hilton invites young women in every corner of the world to take a fun and fabulous journey when they pick up Passport, the new trio inspired by Paris Hilton's jet-set lifestyle. For girls everywhere who aspire for the romance and glamour of Paris Hilton's Passport Fragrance Collection, her new collection is a playful and pretty way to get on board. The Paris Hilton Passport Collection launched worldwide in spring of 2011. Each bottle a different anime-inspired image of Paris bound to appeal to her fashion-conscious fans and become a collector's item for those who have treasured Paris.

It's been two weeks since these little critters have been invading my purse alternately and like the BFF, I have come to like South Beach the best. Every night that I come home wearing it, I catch a whiff of myself and I always go to bed thinking this scent and my body chemistry goes well together. After all:

I am not exactly cute nor innocently flirty so I guess in the trifecta of Paris Hilton's passport, I am vibrant and so much fun! {:D}

Some thoughts on the fragrance:

  • Packaging. Coming from this, this, this, this this, this, and this, you'd think Paris Hilton's next fragrance would come in a diamond-encrusted bottle with a little heel charm. Of course, she goes beyond {or behind} expectations and comes up with an anime-inspired artwork, of whose lips I wonder were a bit sad. Then I realized, Paris may just be creating this line for tweens or teens and I am not exactly a member of that generation anymore. Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers come to mind with these.
  • The packaging is the only thing about it that I'm balking at since the scents are up to par with the other Paris Hilton scents I've used in the past. While the Paris scent got me on the first sniff, it was the South Beach scent that had me spraying it every day. It would probably be the most age-appropriate scent {for someone in her twenties} as Tokyo and Paris are too sweet for my taste.
  • Not too bad lasting power. As I've said, I can smell this at the end of the night when I come home.
  • 100 mL of these perfumes are at Php 2,600 each and that is not expensive for such quantity.
  • Locally available through its distributor, Prestige Brands Philippines.
  • OVERALL: While I find them cute and wearable, I think I am too old for this collection but nevertheless, if I feel like I want to be a teenager in Paris, South Beach and Tokyo, I can turn to them for inspiration.

Tried any Paris Hilton fragrance lately?
Happy Monday! xx


*Special thanks to Andi Flores of Prestige Brands.


One Day

>> Sunday, August 14, 2011

I can't believe it's finally here.

Remember this post? Now the trailer is here and my socks are knocked off.
PS: Good choice for trailer music!

Good Life - One Republic
Can't. Hardly. Wait.

Happy Sunday! xx


It's Fierce and It Called To Me: Charm TravelPro V3

>> Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A girl cannot have too many brushes. Beautiful, efficient brushes, that is.

It was back in April when Ms. Beauty and Minerals showed us a sneak peek of her latest creation: The Charm Travel Pro V3, which received praises instantly. I recall exclaiming how this was going to be the fierce bigger sister of her previous sets, the Travel Pro V1 and Travel Pro V2, which both came in baby pink. The hot pink on black stark contrast elicited an utmost apt reaction from me:

Very fierce. It called to me!
- Tara Cabullo, April 2, 2011

Throwing emails around with the girls {hello, you know who you are! :D) can always lead us to hilarious inside jokes and cryptic tweets. But, anyway, I'm extremely glad that after months and months of Sophie's hard work to come up with a sassy, mataray version of the Travel Pro series, it's finally out in all its fierce faux crocodile-skinned glory:

 The Eiffel Tower and Dutch windmills on the box. Can't get any wanderlust-y than that.
Travel Pro, it is!

Charm <3

Fourteen pieces of brush goodness, achieved from the softest blend of animal and synthetic hair.
Also, I couldn't help how this matches my passport holder {opens the same way, too!}

Now, as a makeup enthusiast {hardly doing this most days but of course, I am suddenly energized}, I can only think of reasons why if one had to have one set of brushes, it would be this. While its Holiday counterpart is also a travel-worthy companion {brought it with me to SG!}, if you are looking for that everyday set you can use for your corporate look, for fancy night outs, for weekend fresh faces, then this is for you.

But first, let me introduce you to its brushes:

Stippling {Dual Fibre} Brush This is best for liquid, HD foundations, though I use it mostly when applying MAC Studio Fix on my face for that "feeling flawless" look.

 The Charm TravelPro Powder Brush is perfect for powder foundation for that coverage we all need.
I use this for my Revlon Translucent Finisher though.

Charm Travel Pro V3 Angled Blush Brush makes your cheekbones pop out when used with your favorite blush. As for me, my current favorite blush on is shu uemura's Glow On in M Medium Pink 375. This is great if you're into contouring, too!

Charm Travel Pro V3 Foundation Brush. Foundation brushes help us apply liquid foundation evenly, without the streaks / harsh lines and without having to use our fingers. I use this whenever I apply Purederm BB Cream on me.

 Charm Travel Pro V3 Concealer Brush. It's never hygienic and wise to use fingers on them acne, pimples and blemishes we try to hide {I know I do, I am blemishy these days!} so this is of big use to me and I just love the density as I apply my trusty concealer.

Top: Eyebrow Brush and Bottom: Angled Eyeshadow Brush / Nose Brush. I have not tried the eyebrow brush because I have not gone back to eyebrow powders {still very much in love with MAC's Girl Boy}. As for the Angled Brush, I have yet to use it, too!

Charm Travel Pro V3 Blending Brush (top) and Pencil Point Brush (bottom). I had the privilege of seeing these in action way back in April, on myself nonetheless, when our team had a shoot with Sophie as my makeup artist.

 Charm Travel Pro V3 Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Brush and Flat Liner Brush. Ever dependable, this eyeshadow brush works well both ways, whether wet or dry. I have used it in the past week using my staple Maybelline Golden Nuggets palette, as well as my Body Shop shadows. I don't apply my eyeliner via a brush so I 've yet to say something about the flat liner brush.

Charm Travel Pro V3 Lip Brush (top) Spoolie for the Eyebrows and Eyelashes and Bent Liner Brush. Have I ever gushed about the joy of applying lipstick with a lip brush? It's an unexplainable feeling, really. Applying lipstick with a brush versus just swiping it makes the color look more natural on the lips, stays on longer and you get to shape it, too!

If you're always bothered by clumpy mascara and/or magulong eyebrows, the spoolie is a heaven-sent! It serves as a comb to fix all those unruly hair!

And as for the bent liner, I'd have to get gel liner to be able to use it!

Other details of note:

  • Yay for the black crocodile case! Inasmuch a fan I am of pink, I'd be looking for color balance as the ferrules are already colored hot pink. Yay, too, for the hot pink zippers!
  • Cleaning and Care Guide. The best thing about Charm Brushes is that its maker is the ultimate brush lover so she understands how a user would sometimes be clueless on how to deal with cleaning and caring for brushes. LIKE ME, for example. The guide can be found at the back of the packaging and online, too.
  • I cannot get over its overall look, as I think of how appropriate it is for our age demographic {almost late twenties and up}, where we are in search of tools and accessories which evoke serious and fun at the same time. It's called me since Day 1.
  • The usual factors have been passed: No shedding, no bleeding.
  • How cute is the pencil-ish case of the lip brush? {Refer to photo above} SUPER CUTE!
  • Yay for the bigger brushes having individual, reusable plastic covers to keep them from getting sabog hair.
  • I truly got kilig upon seeing the customized box that came with the brushes. As a consumer, it makes us feel special when the things we get come in such adorable packaging.
  • Available online and offline and economical at Php 2,200.
2nd Floor, Serendra
(just beside Conti's )
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Crossings - Shangri-la Plaza Branch
G/F, Shangri-la Mall

Beauty & The Geeks
Eton Cyberpod E-Life ( Bldg 1 )

Charm makeup brushes available via LushShop

Can't wait to create more FOTDs and EOTDs with these fierce brushes! Thanks to Sophie for making my everyday makeup application happier and more charming than ever!

Happy Tuesday! xx


Breathe From the Belly

>> Monday, August 8, 2011

Being a human being for what, close to 26 years now, one would think I'd be a master at breathing. Or everyone for that matter. On that rainy, Friday night, I learned that breathing, in every sense of the word, was not something I did naturally.

I still get outbalanced sometimes doing the parsvakonasana.

"When you experience pain, or hardship in life, or in these asanas (poses), you notice that you stop breathing, and you hold it. That's dangerous, you could have a seizure and you could kill yourself," my teacher said. "Open your heart and breathe," was what she reiterated that night. She came up to me, listened to how I breathed and said, "You are not breathing. You're snorting. Breathe from the belly and up and back. Like Darth Vader." She said it with such gentleness and warmth that I obeyed and at that very moment I understood what it meant to breathe from the belly.

As I continued to gracefully struggle opening my hips and my heart during practice, she further continued to explain how yoga's goal was to really teach us a better way of coursing through life. "Breathe the pain away," she says.  As I tried to launch into a bakasana {or the crow pose}, however unsuccessful, I breathed in a lungful of air and exhaled until I was empty, I exponentially felt better. I also stood on my arms for about five seconds. Needless to say, I have been drawing long and slow breaths ever since.

And I thought it was just about the flexibility.

"You look happier than I have ever seen you," a visiting friend exclaimed as we gulped down fruit smoothies and peppermint coffees. We caught up over a series of healthy, non-alcoholic drinks, a signal of aging growing up whereas we used to down several bottles of wine on one night. This singular, maybe annual conversation was proof of how my immersion into the world of yoga can do to me. "You still laugh the same signature loud laugh but I am calm just by talking to you, how do you do that?," he continued.

I couldn't really say how and why --- and I know that I have my entire lifetime to truly coast this life breathing like how it's supposed to be. All I know is that I have been reaping incredible benefits from this practice and I'd like to do this for a long, long time. As my teacher said, "Open your heart and let it take you where you're supposed to be," again applicable on poses and in life.

That being said, I can't wait to become what yoga and my heart would make me.

*To those who have been asking, I practice at Echo Yoga on Perea St.


I'm The Bravest Individual I Have Ever Met: Sweet Charity

>> Sunday, August 7, 2011

Once upon a time a kooky, bubbly, pretty girl fell in love all too much, and always with the wrong men and ended up broke, heartbroken but always with rose-colored glasses to look through --- picking up the pieces, ready to love again, with a song and a dance number to boot.

If it weren't set in the 60s, I'd have mistaken a version of me for that paragraph alone. But, anyway.

Charity Hope Valentine, played by Nikki Gil {who also starred in last year's Legally Blonde} is the ever-hopeful taxi-dancer / dance hall hostess who literally wears her heart on her sleeve {she has a heart tattoo on her arm}who after too many men coming in and out of her life -- some worn her out, some wore out her wallet and her most recent ex threw her into the lake after mugging her, but got up with a positive disposition in life and loved like she was never hurt. "You run your heart like a hotel. You got guys checking in and out all the time," says Charity's older, veteran dancer colleague at the Fandango Dance Hotel, Nickie, who is played by Shiela Valderrama - Martinez.

Thanks to a friend {hello, Ruth!} and fellow musical enthusiast, I caught the preview of the Manila run of Sweet Charity. In all honestly, I had no idea what it was about, nor when it ever started running, nor where it was based {Nights of Cabiria} and that in itself was a good thing because I ended up laughing and getting teary eyed over this Broadway hit, which was revived by Christina Applegate in 2005.

The Cast of Sweet Charity showing in Manila all weekends of August

She just wants to be loved, really. Some ten, twenty minutes into the musical, this was clearly Charity's mission in life. As she recounts in various numbers, she tells the audience of the men who have taken advantage of her kindness, her money {bowling money, Atlantic City money, food money, she's given it all}. Her brand of hope, kookiness and unabashed optimism separates her from her Fandango colleagues who have become poster girls for cynicism. They {Nickie, Helene {Ciara's Greek dancer}and Carmen, the Latina!} and seedy, shady dance club culture. One thing could be said about every scene with the three of them in it though --- I was laughing so hard I almost fell off my seat.

I thought that while Nikki Gil as Charity Hope Valentine was not too convincing as a 60s taxi dancer/hostess {she's very wholesome and sweet!} despite the tireless energy and kick-ass moves, I thought she was able to emulate the better half of who Charity was -- a girl who would always have the hand to help and give love. Here was a girl who would sing with a claustrophobic man in an elevator {played by Kris Lawrence} to help ease his erratic behavior, to calm him. It was in this sequence {I believe it was the beginning of the second act} that I thought the guy playing Oscar Lindquist was a theater veteran, believing he really had claustrophobia. As it turns out, this was Lawrence's debut into the Philippine theater.

And as if right on cue, they end up falling in love. Charity launches into a dilemma of whether to confess to Oscar what she really does for a living. After gathering her wits and courage to do so, Oscar proposes to her and asks her hand in marriage. There, she is finally loved. And so she sang.

But things do not always work out the way they would seem to be, ideally. A confession from Oscar forces Charity to revert the thing she should've done way, way, before: Love herself.

She is, after all the bravest individual she's ever met.

Someone asked me if trooping to RCBC theater was worth it and I say yes, it was worth it. I could tell the entire cast went into rigorous practice to achieve the effect Bob Fosse {the original choreographer for this musical} had envisioned. I especially liked the routine in the The Rich Man's Frug, as seen below:

and Big Spender, which is apparently the most popular song from the musical:

I think for a time there, I thought I time traveled when I saw the girls on the barre.

Other items of note:

  • OJ Mariano as Vittorio Vidal was just ah-mazing. I believed he had hair and thought his tenor was impressive. Then again, that's just me and what do I know about Italian tenors, right?
  • Ciara Sotto-Oconer as the Greek taxi-dancer Helene was literally laugh-out-loud funny in her Greek quips. I'd watch the show again if only for her speaking parts.
  • Sheree Bautista was convincing as a Latina dancer. She confessed to having studied and pegged Sofia Vergara for this role {Modern Family's Gloria!} and now I understand why she sounded like her. It worked!
  • Kris Lawrence looks better with his wig in this show. Ok, maybe it's because I'm not a fan of mohawks but he does look cute and preppy in his hairstyle for this show. Also, the guy's done well as an OC, claustrophobic Oscar Lindquist.

Directed by Robbie Guevara {who also directed Rent's Manila run}, the show does not fail to make the audiences' eyes go big as the show comes together in exquisite 60s-inspired stage, dancing, sexy lights, synchronized choreography and vocal powerhouse, I was only too glad coming out of the theater for having witnessed another theater delight. Aside from it being hilarious, a girl {hint, hint!} can pick up wisdom from Charity Valentine. There can never be too many reminders to love ourselves.

*Other cast members include Miguel Faustmann, OJ Mariano, Tasy Garrucha, Caisa Borromeo, Chinie Nepomuceno, Vinia Pamplona and Carmelle Ros, Topper Fabregas, Job Bautista. Francis Matheu, Anthony Tarrosa Ong, Peter Alcedo and Chai Relucio

Again, thank you Ruth and most importantly, to all these theater productions who bring not just the usual musicals to the country and making them available and convenient to watch. I dream of the day when every musical showing is like a box-office hit every single night!

**Sweet Charity runs from August 5 to 27 -- Friday 8 p.m. or 8:30 p.m. , Saturday 3:30 p.m. & 8 p.m.  and Sunday 4 p.m.  For tickets and more information, call (632) 557-5860, 586-7105 or  (63) 917-5545560 or email



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