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>> Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's been a seriously busy month for me. Philippine Fashion Week scheds killed my snooze time, as well as *gambling* time, haha! It's been uber crazy at work, too, with the boss up in LA. But I love, love everything, all is cool.

Lately, I haven't done much shopping either. The last I bought I think were a pair of Nikes, and that doesn't even count as leisure shopping because I bought it for, err, sports.

So anyhoo, it's been a real treat to come home to lovely packages:

About a month ago, I think, the lovely and talented Ren Ren [Filipina-American make up artist] hosted a contest and guess who and what was won:

Geo Circle Lenses in Black
Thanks so much Ren, for picking me as one of the winners.
Unfortunately, I am stupid at putting on lenses, so my photo wearing it
would have to wait :)

And speaking of lovely things from the US, my brother came home from a 2-month vacay with my parents, so my mom sent me stuff she knows I like and need :)

Iron Tabs [because I'm anemic, y'all], NYC license plate keychain with my name [I love
all things NYC], a studded Washington DC shirt from the Smithsonian store, Raspberry Jell-O [I'm seriously addicted to these]

Neutrogena minis for my toiletry kit, Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara,
Physician's Formula Glimmer Stripes in Waikiki, Chapstick Classic,
Revlon Colorstay Liner Pen and Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths

More staples: Summer's Eve Feminine Wash and Equate Baby Lotion [my HG lotion]
super cheap! :)

Thanks Mom <3

Oh and my swimsuit from Soak and my dress from Amour's Cheena came the same day!
Can't wait to wear it to Mac's wedding :)


PFW '09: Jerome Salaya Ang

From the Premier A Collection, wearable embellishments.
Photos by my lovely sister, Keanne.


PartyGirl Mode: Fiamma

>> Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thinking I've geeked out too much, I decided to put my dancing shoes 
and partied off to Makati. We originally planned to check LAX out but I think
it's too much of a newbie bar for us to stay awhile.

With the BFF.
Kindly excuse the wasted look. I think I enjoyed my Vodka Bull too much.
Dress: Amour
Shoes : VNC
Purse: bought from a Multiply seller
Bangles: Frou Frou Manila
D, C, K and Me
FOTD [or what is left of it at 4 am]:
Face: MAC Studio Fix
Artdeco Camouflage Cream #2
NYX Eyebrow Liner
Guerlain Smokey Palette
Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes
NARS Blush in Oasis
Sally Hansen Moisturizing Lip Balm
Paul and Joe lipstick #19


If there was such thing as a Marketing god..

>> Friday, May 29, 2009

... it would be Seth Godin.I swear this man speak nothing but the truth. And it's applicable in life, too!

If you've got talent, people want more of you. They ask you for this or that or the other thing. They ask nicely. They will benefit from the insight you can give them.

The choice: You can dissipate your gift by making the people with the loudest requests temporarily happy, or you can change the world by saying 'no' often.

You can say no with respect, you can say no promptly and you can say no with a lead to someone who might say yes. But just saying yes because you can't bear the short-term pain of saying no is not going to help you do the work.

Saying no to loud people gives you the resources to say yes to important opportunities.

I haven't blogged in days and it's mainly because I'm fast becoming a geek. A gambling geek that's what.

Me and my work friends recently joined a Scrabble tournament at work and supposedly, it was just for fun. Our competitive side, however, got the best of us and we're now faced with the challenge of competing in the finals. As a way of "practicing," we started playing during our yosi breaks, and during lunch [geeks!]. We weren't even contented with that, we started playing pustahan scrabble.

So far, I've lost half a dozen of San Mig Light cans to a friend. But I'm still getting addicted! I even come home in the morning these days because we spend nights playing. WTH is wrong with me?

After the scrabble tourney comes POKER. This seems even more addictive.
Stay tuned. :D


Old Habits Die Hard

>> Sunday, May 24, 2009

Old Habits Die Hard, May '09
I'm going through a lot of changes these days. I have decided not to fight for some things, people even. I decided to get involved with sports, throwing away the fear I've harbored all my life. I decided that some things are better left as it is, no need for words to seal the deal. 
However, one of the habits I've been trying to kick out the window still has a power on me --- nicotine.
I do hope the list stops there, though.

On a lighter note, I'd like to share an FOTD I did last week using the Guerlain palette I bought from Mhean :D
Artdeco Camouflage Cream #2
L'oreal True Match Foundation, Sun Beige
NARS Blush in Oasis [I don't think I will ever replace this, ha!]
Sally Hansen Moisturizing Lip Balm
Paul and Joe Lipstick #19
Guerlain Palette 



>> Thursday, May 21, 2009

I was hoping words could come out of my mind straight out of my hands tonight but there is nada.

Some random thoughts I've had this week:

  • Some day, when I am ready and able, I will trade my suits and high heels for swimsuits, sundresses, flipflops and trade my life to live in an island. I would probably make a living by producing swimsuits, taking photos of tourists or a bartending --- it doesn't matter. I want that life.
  • One can make real friends after 3 years of working in a corporate setting.
  • 3 mugs of Strawberry Margarita with friends from UP at Chili's can be extremely fun. I had fun listening to stories about their college professors, answering random questions like, "If you were to get stuck in an island, what condiment are you going to bring?"
  • Even if you were with your bf/partner for 5 whole days and you don't see him for one day, the next time you see him feels like Christmas morning.
  • Staying offline and curling up with a good book is such a therapeutic hobby. I missed this.
  • It doesn't take a long conversation to say goodbye. All you need sometimes is a clear signal and you're good to go -- literally.

From Seth Godin's blog [one of my daily reads] :

"Decades ago, a guy came to me with a nutty business idea. He was filled with energy and enthusiasm. "It'll cut through the market like a thresher through a wheat field," (actual quote). He practically shouted, "like a hot knife through butter."

This sort of energy is contagious, but it's not clear that without a plan that it's productive.

I still remember a guy who used to work with me who came to me with a grandiose plan for a book he wrote based on a TV show. He had two data points: zero, where he started, and one appearance on one talk show as a result of one pitch. Drawing a straight line between the two points, it quickly reached infinity. Of course, very few things (even online) reach infinity any time soon.

The problem with bravado is that it forces you to suspend reality when making your plan. Optimism is self-fulfilling, bravado can be toxic.


Foodie Post: Churrito Cafe

>> Tuesday, May 19, 2009

... and as I type this, my stomach is grumbling. I saw the photos again and my mind went YUM.

It's a Tuesday night and I'm already very tired --- physically tired. We had a video shoot at work as one of our training materials [yep, about rules, etc.] and I was part of it as talent, semi-coordinator and MuA. I did the faces of my colleagues, both men and women. I honestly didn't expect I was going to do it but the overall coordinator forgot about getting a MuA. And because I was prepared [just with makeup, heh :x], I used what I've been reading in beauty blogs and what I've watched in Youtube and seemed to have worked, yay! I could show you photos but it would be un-compliant :)

Going back to the topic at hand, the BF and I went to Churrito Cafe last Sunday. It's actually a ritual, sometimes before, sometimes after church. Since we usually go to Veritas Church in BF Paranaque, we get to choose from the gamut of restaurants in Aguirre St.

It was the BF's first time in Churrito Cafe, actually. I've been in this place lots of times before but always with girlfriends. And because I am there at late night time, I only consume churros and beer. Strange combo, I know.

*sorry for the lopsided photo :D

Well, hello, Wi Fi!

Churrito Cafe is a quaint, little restaurant along Aguirre St., almost adjacent to the once-popular Central in BF. When bar patrons get tired of the RnB scene in the neighboring bars, they head to Churrito Cafe since they also serve beer there plus smoking is allowed inside after 10 PM.
Here's what we had last Sunday:

Paella Campesina [small, for 2-3 persons], P 168.00I have been on a low-cal diet for 2 weeks now but when I saw this --- bye, diet.Hello, paella with chorizo. SUPER YUM.

Gambas [for 2-3 persons], around P 170.00
The dish was okay -- nothing too superb. In fact, I kind of find
the shrimps a little bland when in fact the flavor should seep out
of the shrimps when bitten. Oh and they were extremely small.

Chicken Fingers in Sweet Teriyaki Sauce [for 2 -3 persons] P 120.00At first I was confused if I accidentally ordered the Calamares Fritos,but as it turned out, it was the chicken fingers. But when I tasted the dip,which was a sweet and flavorful, tangy teriyaki sauce, I didn't care anymore. YUM!

My Mango Smoothie and the BF's Banana Split Smoothie, P 60.00
My drink was very predictable, it tasted like mangoes :D However, when I tasted
the BF's banana split smoothie, I was in smoothie heaven. So rich and it tasted so natural,
I kind of wondered though why it was pink but then I forgot about it when I took another sip.

Churrito Stix [milk chocolate, white chocolate and chocolate]
P 75.00 for 3 pcs.

My favorite part of a meal, DESSERT, especially if they are churrito stix.
Those are churros pre-dipped in your preferred flavor. The coating of the
flavors are so generous you wouldn't think there was a churro[s] inside.
This is a must try. If you ever were in the BF Paranaque area, it's a sin
not to try this gem.

What I love about the place:
  • Very, very courteous wait staff.
  • The music. Acoustic nights every Saturday and Bossa tunes the rest of the week
  • Hello, Wi Fi!
  • You gotta love the interiors. Delicate white chandeliers, soft lights and adobe-colored walls.
  • Ahh, love. Besides, if you ever saw the other restaurant/bars in BF, this by far is probably the best designed.
  • No monoblocks. :D
  • A wide array of Spanish delicacies await you. From Paella to Churros to truffles.
  • Waiting time as soon as food is ordered is NOT bad at all.
  • Crowd is a lot more mature than crowds in neighboring bars.
What I didn't love:
  • True enough, it's very quaint and can only accomodate probably less than 50 persons. Or maybe even less than 30.
  • There's not much space to move around. From where I sat last time I can see what the other table is watching on Youtube.
  • Some items in the menu are not being served anymore :(
Would I go back? In a heartbeat.

Churrito Cafe236 Aguirre Avenue (bet. Elizalde stoplight and Presentation Church)
BF Homes Parañaque City


In Search of No-ordinary Make Up Brushes

>> Sunday, May 17, 2009

I’ve been searching for the best, reasonably-priced and locally-branded set of make up brushes for the longest time. 

There were many brands I thought of considering, especially the country has been booming with local entrepreneurs who sure knew what a consumer, heck, what a kikay consumer really wants.

But more than being kikay, and a makeup lover, I am also a lazy consumer. The thought of buying another set meant lingering in my bathroom longer to wash them thrice a week or more, if I use them MORE. I cannot express my disdain on washing them enough – I hate washing. :D

Stumbling upon Venus and MarsAntibacterial 5-pc. Brush Set was a rather welcome thought – a welcome purchase to have. 

All images are lifted from Venus and Mars' website.

Brush dimensions:
V&M brush set (From Right to Left)
Powder brush: Dia.19*138mm height
Foundation brush: Dia.14.5*143mm height
Angled shader and crease brush: Dia.11*142mm height
Eye blender brush: Dia.10*140mm Height
Concealer brush: Dia.10.5*143mm height
Pouch: 165*115mm (closed size)

Venus and Mars says:

"These brushes are active AGAINST bacteria; hence it prevents them from lingering in the bristles. These bacteria are the main cause of the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other irritating skin blemishes."

I am one who rallies against dirty brushes but is too lazy to wash them. This product is SO ME!

Manufactured in Hong Kong, the V&M Antibacterial Makeup Brushes are tailor-made for Venus and Mars, you don’t risk running into someone who has the same but not from VNM.

I am definitely in love with their scarlet handles and elegant two-toned bristles. 

And the fact that its pouch is not made of leather and IS waterproof makes it much of a winner in my book. For someone who is burara and un-careful with most things, this being a waterproof pouch is a plus plus. :D 

Brush pouch is zippable! Woot!

Retailing at P 1,099, the brushes are very affordable for such size. If there was anything I am looking for with whatever I buy in life [from investments to make up], I make sure I get the bang for the buck. This is one of them.

And won’t you know it, V&M is having a prebuy sale with the brushes selling for P 1,059! That’s 40 pesos off, a free brush cleaner and samples from V&M's upcoming MMU line! The actual savings total to P 199. 

From the V&M website:

PRE-BUY SEASON: May 13, 2009 to June 19, 2009 10PM
PROMO: Antibac Brush Set + Antibac Brush Soak = Php1059, SAVE 199!
If you want to avail of the pre-buy promo, all payments for this limited edition V&M brush set must be settled ONLY UNTIL June 19, 2009. NO REFUND. MMU SAMPLES ARE TO BE GIVEN AWAY TOGETHER WITH THIS SET.


I just ordered and took advantage of a really great offer. What about you? What was your recent bang-for-the-buck moment?


Lay Bare opens another branch in Las Pinas!

Just got a word from the Lay Bare folks:

Now, South folks don't have to troop to BF Paranaque anymore. :D


Hauls and Updates

>> Saturday, May 16, 2009

How I miss blogging.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of photo shoots, product concepts, styling gigs and more work. It's been fun but I certainly have missed doing non-work things such as blogging and reading blogs. 

So, first of all, work has been really great :D I get to decide what our models wear for the photoshoot [and thus having creative liberty]. I've worked with great models as well, so all's good :D I really believe I am very lucky to have my job which seems to have everything I want to do and I don't feel like any part of it is a chore.

Second, my BFF was able to book us a trip to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in September!!! Finally, I will get to meet the BFF's friend Chris and it's gonna be a helluva trip with lots of beach-hopping, bars and drinking [eek.].

Third, the bedbug in me only got up last weekend for a pedi session at Get Polished and to get waxed at Lay Bare and church after but that was it. I was a BEDBUG!!!

And while I hasn't been able to do much blog-hopping, I've been able to buy some stuff over the weekend :) Since I will be attending a wedding in about 2 weeks' time, I decided to score a MAC Studio Fix in NC30, L'Oreal Pure Zone Deep Purifying Gel, Maybelline Cat Eyes Volum Express and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I was thinking I should give MAC Studio Fix [P 1,500 at MAC Glorietta] another chance since I definitely know how its coverage can work wonders. I have tried this way, way back in college when my friend's sister Nikki played with my face and did my make up during a college project. While I loved how it covered all my flaws, it seemed to irritate my allergy-prone skin and had minor blotches. I've never tried MAC again after that, until now. So far, my skin is not reacting to it, which is a good sign. :D I do think that it's a little dark on me. I failed to ask the SA and just assumed I was the shade of NC30 especially that my skin hasn't recovered and is still all tan from my Cebu trip. But it's not something I'm bothered with anyways so all good :D

I hauled up on the Maybelline Volum Express mascara [P 495, First Aid, Greenbelt] , too, after reading the Kikay Pinay's post on this, as well as The Sutil's, who proclaims this as her HG mascara. So, of course, I need to roadtest this, yes?

I bought the L'Oreal Deep Purifying Gel [P 330, First Aid, Greenbelt] on a whim. A guy officemate [take note, a straight guy] came up to me the night before I bought it and told me it WORKS. He said that it was unbelievably refreshing and took away the oil buildup on his face and his face felt so soft. I was SOLD.

As for the book, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell [P 749, Powerbooks, Greenbelt] well, I'm geek like that. I actually like reading ones that seem to make some sense in the Management arena but are still easy-reads. Malcolm Gladwell is one of my favorite authors after I've read Blink and The Tipping Point. I hope this one doesn't disappoint.

So there, that's the last two weeks of my life in a breeze. :D Hopefully I get back to the groove of blogging, expecially I have a thousand of reviews to make, heehee.

Happy weekend, everyone!


On Roadtrips and Claustrophobia

>> Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am not one to ever invite anyone, or even initiate the thought of going on a roadtrip. While I sometimes love the idea of driving [actual driving --- NO.], getting cramped in a vehicle, with radio music that gets crappier as you go farther, and signal that wanes every meter you conquer are far more relevant to me than conquering my testosterone-clad side of controlling the stick.

But I conquered my fear! On Labor Day Weekend, our group was supposed to have our mid year strategic planning. But due to stuff you never knew would happen, our plans were scrapped last minute and we had to make new ones -- on the road. First stop? La Union.

We arrived San Juan, La Union around 3 AM and immediately had drinks and dipped into the waves.

San Juan Surf Resort

R, Me [wiped out of course], J and J, 5AM

The gang

La Union was pretty much a surfer's site. Much of the people who checked in into Surf Resort were young, a lot were also foreign. I saw lots of Japanese guys who were sooo tan due to surfing and there were lots of 20-ish guests. Accomodation was at P 2,500 a night/6 people. This room is comparable to rooms in Puerto Galera with around 5-6 beds, a fridge, a bathroom and a TV. I am not sure how much they serve alcohol for, as we brought along the alkie supposedly for planning. :D I did read somewhere, though, that it's presyong sari-sari store. Surfing lessons are P 400 an hour, inclusive of board rentals. Just don't forget your rashguard.
So yeah, that's hella cheap.

As soon as we were done with breakfast, we hit the road and went on to Ilocos Sur

The rowdy crowd in Suso Beach [yes, I'm not kidding. In English, suso means
boob or snail, your pick.] Thankfully, no one was nude in the area.

Inside Cafe Leona, Vigan

They have weird words :D

Being pressed for time, our stay in Vigan was probably less than 3 hours, thus no need for us to check in. We walked along the strip of Vigan, shopped for Chichacorn [Ps. 42.00 for a large pack], Vigan Longganisa [P 120 for 1 dozen] and Basi Wine [P 120 for the small bottle]. We bought their famous empanada as well for if I remember right, P 25.00.

After more hours [eek, like 5 hours] of driving, Taiwanese radio drama and super zigzag roads, we finally reached Saud Beach Resort in Pagudpud.

The sand was heavenly white.

The caves in Blue Lagoon.

I can't get over it.

The rooms can accommodate up to 6 people, each having 6 beds. For the price of P 5,900 ea./night, the rooms are incredibly comfy, the bath has a hot shower, bidet and are tiled nicely. Each room lead to a common area with large tables ideal for drinking and playing poker :D

Poker nights, woot!

Windmills, baby.


Bonfire at the beach while Poker-ing and Pusoy-ing.
and this, on our way home:

Chilli Crab in Matutina's, Dagupan

Dagupan is known to have the best seafood restaurants in this island. Popular, or at least the ones we know are Dagupenya and Matutina's. We decided to try Matutina's and boy, was I glad to have done so. The Chili crab was only for less than P 200 and it was so big, the 6 of us [half of the delegation] had more than enough! The Buttered Shrimps were to die for, priced at P 150 but tasted like millions. Kangkong with bagoong was priced at P 50 and it was another gastronomic delight.

And even if I felt like Eve [our vehicle] was the hotel and the hotels were just tourist spots, I'd gladly do the roadtrip again -- especially if you've enjoyed the company. Agree?



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