Je Ne Sais Quoi: Get that certain something

>> Wednesday, April 28, 2010

When I was a kid, one of my favorite toys to play with were my Barbie dolls, Polly Pocket and *surprise* paper dolls. I don't know about you but being a kid of the 1990s, paper dolls were so much of a hit everywhere because they were so cheap and you can bring a lot to play at school. Even as a kid, I loved mixing and matching outfits, imagining them in my head days before I wear the outfit --- ah the downside of having a uniform at school. I pour my frustration into my dolls.

I think one of the reasons why I'm so hooked into Looklet is because it is like playing with paper dolls but lightyears advanced and with designer items to boot. Imagine my joy when Shen called to invite me to become her stylist partner for Promod's Style It For Me, Je Ne Sais Quoi Styling Contest.I had to say yes! After all, dressing up mannequins was super fun and really, it was more than using cardboards or dragging pixels to dress a virtual model. It's a mannequin! And our styles will be put up on an exhibit-slash-contest tomorrow, April 29th!

The theme said Je Ne Sais Quoi, which means "A certain something," but we highly doubt that meant crazy layers and un-wearable pieces. As someone incredibly frustrated with some Filipinas who have yet to dress up more adventurously, I was all game and excited for it.

Shen and I chose this ensemble as our official entry because the outfit says one thing:
"I'm chic and you and I know it."

The Owl Necklace that made me and Shen scream in excitement

White sunnies and a colorful scarf used as a belt are also key pieces of this look

What I love the most about this outfit is how it is perfect for my upcoming flight to Mexico. We know how airplane air can go up so I'd need something that would protect me from the cold [especially since my stopover will be in Tokyo, Japan] while still comfy enough to roll up when I land in the heat of Cancun.

Don't you just love how French this outfit is?

Nautical-print Blazer, Cap-sleeved LBD, belt with chunky hardware, red wayfarers,
a floral scarf and a long-strapped purse comprise our modern version of the
Audrey Hepburn outfit.

Just because Shen and I are still hung over from the all-Madonna episode
of Glee last week.

Truth be told, we are not even sure if it was Madonna's face emblazoned on the knit sweater on this ensemble cos it looks like it's Kate Moss from one angle, or Twiggy maybe? We don't care. For us, it's Madonna and this is our homage to the Material Mom. My favorite detail of course is the polka-dot bag. Although in my mind, she would have had polka-dotted lingerie inside, too!

When it was time for us to ogle the mannequin we dressed up and to take photos of it,
Shen and I realized that the ensemble is reminiscent of Serena's outfit in the first episode
of Gossip Girl when she returns to NYC from boarding school!
How serendipitous is that? Okay, I'm not sure if serendipitous was the right word but
I just really would like to use the word.

We love wayfarers!

And as for the last (first, actually) I wasn't able to take a photo as I was too engrossed with hauling clothes to and from the fitting rooms and the racks. Well, I guess you'd just have to see it all for yourself if you ever are in the Megamall Atrium tomorrow, April 29 at 3PM!

Wish me and Shen lots of luck! And please say hi if you are going to be there!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,


Thinking of You.

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

There is nothing that lingers more in my mind more often than you do.


In Search of the Perfect Luggage

I just had a Becky Bloomwood moment.

I realized I've neglected luggage shopping. But I've got a very good reason though. Before Cebu Pacific introduced dirt-cheap fares, I wasn't much of a traveler so I never really needed special luggage. Save for our family's annual out-of-town trips in my high school and uni years, all I ever went to were 1-hr plus trips and who needs special luggage for that, right?

Then I started working and I have been able to afford trips all on my own, then business trips [ack, I sound so adult!] came and the rest is history. Until this BB moment, I never realized I lacked so much in the luggage department. For the past years, I've only been using overnight bags for local trips (I pack super light!) and a trusty black, generic World Traveler luggage for out-of-country trips.

Now that I'm preparing for a South American trip, I owe it to myself [gee, I'm trying to justify a shopping urge] to buy myself a durable, TSA-accredited and unique [to pop out in the conveyor belt] luggage for lugging around. I've narrowed my choices to these after scouring the internet for days. Oh and it has to be as cute as this vanity bag my mother bought for me, too!

I really want this purple oyster hardside 29" luggage from Samsonite.

USD $88.90

Samsonite F'Lite 30"

Delsey Helium Zip 25" Suiter Trolley

I tried searching for bags like these ones at Travel Club last weekend but all they had in stock were generic black bags. Ugh. If I buy them online, would it arrive early enough? Ugh.

The search continues. Wish me luck!

What about you? What's your preferred luggage brand?
Share with me, pretty please? =)

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

Images from Luggage Base.


The Daily Optimistyque's Moleskine Contest

>> Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm not gonna lie: I like writing and doodling. And if there was any contest that I wouldn't pass up, that would be book and Moleskine contests. So that is why I'm sharing what I read from Caby's blog some weeks ago, as her sister, Anna, is giving away two (yes, two, not one!) Moleskines for her blogversary: (Photo and mechanics copied from Anna's post) :

There will be TWO WINNERS. The first will receive the Plain Notebook, while the second the Watercolour Notebook.
To qualify, simply follow these steps (at least the ones in BOLD):
  1. Blog about this giveaway and make sure you add a visible link back to this post.
  2. Subscribe/follow my blog through the Google Friend Connect (found on the right sidebar).
  3. If you have a feed reader (like Google Reader), add/subscribe to my blog feed.
  4. If you have Twitter, you can tweet about this too. Simply click the “retweet” button at the top of this post, then comment below and add the link of your tweet. :)
  5. Post a comment in this blog with your name, email, country of residence, and state why you want a Moleskine and what you’re planning to do with it if you win. Plus, paste the links to your blog/tweet about this giveaway too.
Winners will be electronically selected based on this post’s comments (so make sure you comment!), through

You have until Friday, April 30, 11:59 pm Manila Time (GMT+8), so hurry! :)

 What are you waiting for? Click the link for Anna's blog and start blogging this contest now!

Oh and  hey, while we're on the subject of contests, I'd like to invite you to vote for my entry in the HP Me and My City contest. It's just a click away and if I win, I will get you guys a present from NYC! :)

(Special thanks to Nikki for the photo I used as my entry).

Thanks in advance, lovelies!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,


Happy Birthday, BFF!

Today, my bestfriend for XX years is celebrating her 25th birthday. Incidentally, our last SMS was something about work so obviously she hasn't been thinking about her birthday at all. It must be a good idea to have more and more people greet her on this special day.

Happy Birthday, Dang!

Of course, I swiped a photo of hers from her FB account.

To my bestfriend: Thanks for the wonderful friendship throughout the years. Thanks for putting up with my craziness and for getting the 2009 Bestfriend of the Year award for me and Y. Let's have more fun times this 2010 and for all the years to come. Love you!

Anyhoo, I would just like to ask you dear readers to greet her on this special day through her blog. But before that, let me take you back in time and see some of our photos from some years back. Warning: We look less pretty so please go easy on the laughter LOL.

During our college graduation. Pardon my WTF lipstick.

Goofing around during Public Relations class. Hello Sir Roel!

At EDSA Shangri La Hotel for a PR Event.

Outside my QC home and with our closest college friend, Pau.

With our thesis mates and good friends Pau, Edgar and Rachel
at the foot of some mountain in Liliw, Laguna which name escapes me right now.

There! That's us about six years ago. Any older than those photos are simply
blog suicide, haha!

If you have the time, please hop on over to her page and send her a quick greeting :)
Thank you, loves!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,


Chronicles of Summer: This is Why I'm Tan

>> Saturday, April 24, 2010

I hadn't been planning on spending almost all of the summer months baking under the sun. I figured it wouldn't be a very busy summer with all the projects that keeps on piling on my lap. Besides, if you're in Manila right now, you don't need to hit the beach for you to get baked. It can happen in the comforts of your own porch!

It started off as a spontaneous Boracay trip:

While having lunch at Red Coconut, Station 2

And then, after the work stuff I'd been doing at Cebu, we were allowed to play and lounge around so we took ourselves to the newest hotel resort in Cebu, the Imperial Palace (yes, it's Korean-owned!)

Photo taken by Tin Natividad

At the Imperial Palace beach front.

The extraordinary buffet experience at the Imperial Palace.
For a day tour, Php 2,200 inclusive of beach/pool use with buffet is pretty reasonable!

With City of Vintage's Mac Vengco-Bergantin at Ayala Center Cebu
Photo taken by her hubby, Jordan

Two days after I came back for Cebu, we left again on a business trip to Cagayan de Oro. As always, after tiring (but extremely inspiring) days of bringing the financial literacy advocacy team to CDO, we trooped off to Bukidnon, supposedly for some zip lining, as they have the longest zip zone in Asia, of 840 meters!

However, the service was really bad and they had so many people lined up at 9:30 AM so we left but took pictures first!

So, we just went WHITE WATER RAFTING instead! Ah, I cannot express how exciting it is. If I'm saying these things in person, I would be squealing and smiling in delight because it's definitely one of the most exciting activities I've done so far!

Our "groundbreaking" photo. :P

Coursing through Rapid #21 and a bit fearing for my life.
And to think I didn't even want to join at first, I think I was the one
who enjoyed the most.

Can you see my huge, huge smile?
I told you it really was fun!

And then we all fell, which made it more fun!

And of course, I just had to fall alone, which was the highlight of the whole thing.
Loved it!

The White Water Rafting trip lasted for about five hours so that explains why people who've seen me after hardly recognize me. When I went to meet up with some friends last night at Agave, R exclaimed: " Are you a walking sunburn guised as a person?" Oh and Frances didn't recognize me as well last Tuesday inside the dark Encore.

Oh and it's hardly done yet! I still have one more local trip for the month of May (oh man, I think it's two, or three, I believe I'm headed back to Boracay!) and this is the thing I've been so excited for the past couple of weeks:

For the month of June, my destination is: Cancun, Estados Unidos Mexicanos!

The parental units misses me so much they'll be treating me to a 10-day trip to the land of Frida Kahlo, sombreros, tequila, margaritas, and a whole nation of sexy men (and women!). After a lot of processes (visa, arranging the connecting flights and the accommodations), I'm free to finally feel ecstatic! I'm incredibly excited to visit the Mayan Ruins and the Museum of Frida Kahlo, Chichen Itza (one of the new seven wonders of the world) and of course, to just burn my skin even more in the fantabulous beaches of Cancun while downing insane amounts of mojitos and margaritas. The Spaniard thinks it's going to be a really awesome vacation.

Ah, I wonder if I ever will go back to my old skintone. For the mean time, I'm sticking to my darker foundations and embrace my "new" look.

How was your summer? I hope you fab, fab Filipinas are surviving this heat. And if you happen to be on other side of the world right now and experiencing cold weather, well, LUCKY you!

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,

PS: The BFF is celebrating her 25th (Silver) birthday and she's giving away fabulous items over at her blog! Drop by to greet her and join, too!


Have Soft Skin with J and J and Bayo's Soft Look Collection

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

*disclaimer: The photos are getting cropped accidentally, will fix this asap.

As a kid, I kind of stuck with Johnson's and Johnson's lotion and milk bath as my shower and after shower staples. Who wouldn't? J and J's products are fresh, light and sweet-smelling. I remember the time the BFF and I were at Kota Kinabalu and I unhesitatingly picked up a liter (a liter!) of the J and J pH 5.5 body wash and hand carried it to the airport, only to cram it into my luggage before checking in. That is how in love I am with J and J products.

A year ago, J and J moved up its products from just the baby line to a ladies' line. I was one of the many patrons who went ecstatic over it. Who wouldn't love the light, soft and smells-like-milk formula of J and J lotions?

Last Tuesday, together with Bayo, J and J launched its collection inspired by the lotion (yes, the lotions!) at Encore (formerly Embassy) at The Fort.

Johnson's Body Care is delighted and excited to launch the Soft Look Collection that will enable women to choose outfits that highlight their best asset this summer --- their beautiful soft skin." She also added: "Summer is indeed one of the most appropriate times to flaunt beautiful skin. The benefits provided by Johnson's Body Care are definitely best paired with pieces from the Soft Look Collection."
The clothes were mostly white and the softest of pink hues, as seen in the latest issue of Preview (with Maja Salvador on the cover). Each of the pieces carry a romantic lady detail: lace, ruffles, eyelets, off-white hues, strapless necklines that accentuate the shoulders and more. I literally felt my breath taken away when the models started sashaying into the runway. The clothes are perfect for lounging around in this hot weather and with a little cardigan or some light slacks, these can be perfect for the boardroom, too!

My favorite from the collection.

Sarah Meier - Albano hosted the event, too!
Photo Credit: Azrael Coladilla

Of course, no event will be complete without posing with the beautiful girls of the blogging world.

L-R: Maui (finally!), A very negrita me, the BFF, Shen, Jamie, Jheng and Nikki
Photo credit: Nikki and Keith Tiu

Topaz Horizon's Frances Sales, me and the BFF. Sasayaw kami.
Nice to finally meet you, F!
=) Photo Credit: Shen Gee

Nikki, Shen, Me and Dang

The famous "Wacky ba? Hindi wacky? Ano ba talaga?" photo with Annie of Strategic Edge.

Special freebies and discounts also await women up to June 15, 2010. By purchasing any item from the Johnson’s Body Care Soft Look Collection in participating Bayo outlets, women will get a free 100ml Johnson’s Body Care Lotion and a 20% discount coupon for a succeeding purchase of a 200ml or 400ml lotion or wash at Watsons. Alternately, when women buy 200ml or 400 ml Johnson’s Body Care Lotion or Wash at Watsons, they will get 10% off on any item from the Soft Look Collection.

Johnson’s Body Care lotions and washes are available at all leading beauty and personal care stores, department stores and supermarkets nationwide. The Soft Look Collection is retailed in the following Bayo branches: Ayala Center Cebu, Eastwood City, Gateway Mall, Greenbelt 5, Greenhills Shopping Center, Market! Market!, Robinson’s Galleria, Shangri-la Plaza Mall, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, and Trinoma.

For more information about Johnson’s Body Care and the Soft Look Collection, simply log on to Facebook and become a fan of Johnson’s Body Care at


I apologize for the lack of posts these past few weeks. I'm still kinda backlogged from all my trips that I have been frantically working to finish a lot of work and still catching up with friends offline. I still read all of your blogs, though :) I miss you all and I hope all of you girls are having a fab time.

Bear hugs and bunny kisses,


Part Deux of the PhotoReady Review

>> Monday, April 5, 2010

See Part Une here.

Revlon PhotoReady Powder in Fair/Light

What Revlon says:

For perfected, airbrushed skin in any light
  • Eliminates shine and evens skin tone
  • Photochromatic pigments bend and diffuse light to help erase every flaw
  • Micro-refined, ultra lightweight texture that’s virtually undetectable
  • SPF 14
  • SRP:  975.00
  • Shades:  Fair/Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Deep
I was never a heavy powder user. I usually stick to foundations that need less retouching during the rest of the day or a primer. But such is life, and when you're a beauty blogger, you just can't resist not trying out things --- even when you've found all of your HGs and what have yous. It's just the curious kitty cat in all of us. Can I get an amen to that? *internet high five*

When I was sent the Revlon PhotoReady collection, I couldn't resist letting it just stay in my dresser -- so I hurriedly used it, and abused it for hmm, I guess two weeks now. Here's the verdict:

Much like most of your powder make up, one would need a primer [or a real good moisturizer] for this. I don't know about you but my skin can have dry spells when it likes to. In that context, I switched to a heavier moisturizer (that's Olay TE for me) and the problem of it not sticking to my face was eliminated. I initially thought the shade was too white on me when I tried but apparently, it's just perfect and natural and it seems like I have flawless skin. Lookie:

Image courtesy of Nikki Tiu. L-R: Shen, Sab, Me!, Jamie and Nikki

I am surprised that the powder looks so natural on me, like I don't have a pile of makeup on, despite not having naturally flawless skin. Also, I can remember not putting on some liquid foundation this day as I was en route to class the morning and it was oh so terribly hot then.

Overall: I liked the product though since I'm terribly darker now, I wouldn't be using it again anytime soon, lest I look like a clown. It's good for everyday use, methinks because it's not too heavy, there are no specks or glitters and retouching with it doesn't make it cake on your face. Oh and it's affordable, too, at Php 975.00! Go ahead and try it, now available at your favorite Revlon counters.

Here's how it looks close up. Same FOTD from the TBS post.

Revlon PhotoReady Translucent Finisher

What Revlon says:

For poreless, airbrushed skin in any light
  • Universal translucent shade
  • Eliminates shine and sets makeup
  • Photochromatic pigments bend, reflect and diffuse light
  • Micro-refined, ultra lightweight texture that’s virtually undetectable
  • Oil Free, Fragrance free
  • SRP:  975.00
Can I just say how much I need a finishing powder in my life? From that statement alone, one can say that this is my favorite product of the three! Finishing powders are like magic dusts that seal make up [at least to me] and make it all seem to glowing and put together. Just like the liquid foundation from this line, there are specks of glitters and if you're not careful, it may end up making you look shiny. I used this for one of the events we had before I left, too and I only used it on parts I wanted to highlight, ergo, cheekbones etc. Love, love it! Oh and it's under a thousand bucks, too!

Used here with my MAC Studio Fix Foundation

The finishing powder comes in one shade, I've yet to try if it works on darker skintones like what I have now and I will definitely let you know! 

Curious to hear about what other beauty bloggers have to say about this line? Click here for Nikki's thoughts, here for Khymm's and here for Shen's review!
Happy Monday! *grumbles from the bitin-ness of the long weekend in Manila*


This 2010, I will get..

>> Sunday, April 4, 2010

Everything in this list. You know how they say that in order to get what you want, you should really think of it? Well, that is exactly what I'm doing now. Truth be told, part of the inspiration was Tessa's post, if her blog possesses the secret. What d'ya think? Hop on over to her blog!

Going back, I'm not quite sure if wanting to do and have all these things are part of going through the Quarter Life Crisis. If it is, it is quite a fun stage! I used to say that I may have hit the big bitch right before I turned 24, so it may not have to come when I will be 25. I am not sure if that was it or if the crisis concept is ever really real. To all over 25 year olds, is it true?

They say that at some point, you want many things. Some money can buy, some cannot. Some are within reach but you're too lazy to get it. Some are way beyond you that in the back of our mind, these are impossible to have, to do, to be. But I've seen so many people reach their dreams --- so impossibility is just a word. Just these recently, I've witnessed my friends attain their goals, one after another. One is slowly building up a family, something she's been dreaming of since we were in university, one just started a business and one is flying out in a few hours for an out-of-country secondment.

So I'm dreaming, right at this moment. And just as I've always done before, I'm sending out my wishes to the universe gods, so that they may come true.

1.  A Trip to New York City. I can't ignore it anymore. Lately, there had been too many signs pointing me to NYC, the giant Christmas tree, watching The Lion King Musical and Rent, going through all the museums, walking along Central Park, taking the SATC tour and probably coming back home with empty savings. Ah, I've envisioned it all. Until my head hits the wall that makes me realize how judged I'd been just because I'm from a third world country. Defending yourself that the Filipino Dream is not always going TNT in the US can get kind of annoying. Sometimes, it sucks to be the only one in the family with a Philippine passport. :[

This one is from the Israel run, though.

I swear, Phillip Klinger's photos are not making my wanderlust feel any better :[

2. Learn real and good cooking. When I first mentioned this to T and R over a cup of Starbucks' Caramel Macchiato, they almost spewed out their drinks. My family asked if I was getting married when I blurted out I wanted to go to the market to handpick my ingredients. After all, I wasn't the type who had a closet desire to don a pretty apron and get down to cooking. But don't we all break stereotypes? Lately, I've been wanting to trade writing hours for cooking but I always end up wanting to cook on times I'm so hungry I just settle what's quick to make. Ack. :[

I'm crushing on this non-stick pan from IKEA, Pyra, $7.99

Quinoa Mango Pudding [Source]
Who doesn't want to learn when this looks so good?

 Appliancist Sandwich Maker -- so I can make all my bread toasty and dark!

Disney Waffle Maker, Kitchen Critic UK
Because I will eat breakfast all day, everyday!

3. Watch a U2 Concert. I know this is quite impossible to happen in the country, as we don't have a 360 degree stadium where Bono can do his regular concert tricks and amazing effects. So I'm praying for a ticket to somewhere they'll be singing and the money for the concert tickets. I promise to be a real good girl and eat my veggies every night, Papa Jesus.

U2 at Ullevi [Source]

4. Go back to studying. And temporarily leave the corporate world. I'm dying to fill a thirst for learning for so long. I've been planning to go and take graduate studies but I don't think I can balance it out with work so I've decided that as soon as I get all the things I need for graduate school, I would give way to it. When? Maybe this 2010.

5. A new life insurance policy. Seriously. The ones I have are maturing so it's time that I add up for more coverage. Besides, the company I'm working for is releasing a new product that caters to the special needs of women!

6. Visit my friend C in the Land Down Under.

And have as much fun in the Oz.

Thank you in advance, Universe!
Happy Easter, everyone.



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