Found It!

>> Thursday, April 28, 2011

The search for a spring-appropriate coat in a country that does not have spring, nor any of the other seasons is like finding a needle in a haystack. I have resigned myself to just blindly shopping online and wishing for the best that what I'd get would be one that would fit me well and protect me from the 7-15 degrees Celsius of cold.

As it is in life, and most things, nostalgia notwithstanding, things are better done offline. Especially in the area of shopping, feeling the material, trying on the item, standing in front of the mirror and letting yourself catch the light are things online shopping will never ever replace.

One Sunday morning,  Last Easter Sunday, I woke up feeling like shopping {any excuse for shopping, right?}and thank goodness for friends who would go with you in a heartbeat. At 2 PM, I was walking the halls of Trinoma {getting lost} and in search for the perfect cold-er weather essentials such as the coat, and the scarf, among others. Having not spent the last few years somewhere colder, I had to refresh my wardrobe and walking into Promod that afternoon was rather fateful:

The Poplin Trench Coat in Tobacco
Originally Php 3,000 something but I got it for only Php 2,695.

Is it just me or this coat is not at all flattering to this model?

When I tried it on, I had an instant image of soon-to-be-princess Kate Middleton
and her iconic white coat:

With the royal wedding craze going around now, I didn't think twice and
lined up at the till and purchased the last piece. I'd love to show you a preview of me
wearing it but it's too hot to even touch it! What do you think?

Happy Thursday!


Life is a Movie and Everyone Needs a Soundtrack Pt. 1

>> Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I have a confession to make: I have a song for every grand mundane thing that happens in my life.

Just the other day, as I had been musing how my life has rather taken the standstill route --- neither joyful nor tragic, I realized that I had not found the perfect word for it, but I have found the perfect song --- as always. I have a song for every week, I even have a song for the day, or for the month. And there's the songs of my life --- at least for the last twenty five years. Every heartbreak is defined by a song, and every beginning armed with its own tune. Music, as I have learned, underscores whatever we are feeling and experiencing and making it flourish better than what's already happening.

As part of the plan for the next seven months, and in an effort to make the 25th year of my life the best yet, I had to decipher what they were and give them to someone. While there were thousands of songs that served as the melody and the right words, there were these songs that have always formed part of any playlist I have ever made:

It took me quite a while to pin down the songs that will go down in this soundtrack. Since I am very fickle with my music taste {could listen to a song over and over in a day and be disgusted with it the next day}, I had to know and go over my Top 25 playlist many times before writing them down in a list.

I am scared of sharing my music --- not for anything condescending, really. I believe music is mostly an independent experience, each run of the song through the ears evoke a different feeling, sometimes better or worse than the other. I have always been afraid of being judged or be implicated for liking normal or mainstream or even corny songs. Then again, what's normal nowadays, right?

So here I am, and I share with you the Tara Cabullo Playlist. Indulge me, if you will:

1. This Side | Nickel Creek | 2002. Always have been my go-to song whenever I am afraid of anything, whenever I'm heartbroken, whenever there's something I need to conquer. When I think of the word 'soundtrack,' this automatically comes to mind. Always.

2. Hey Jealousy | Gin Blossoms | Dusted | 1989. If it ever was just about jealousy, or not, I would never really know. All I know is that this is my song for the regrets I have had, all the songs I wish I did well in or people I wish I showed better appreciation for. Enough said.

3. Beautiful Girl | INXS | Welcome to Wherever You Are | 1992. My 'applying-my-makeup-song' always. That makes the meaning of this shallow but I like feeling beautiful every morning so I'd start my day right.

4. Sleeps With Butterflies | Tori Amos | The Beekeeper | 2005. You say the word, you know I will find you, or if you need some time I don't mind. I don't hold on to the tail of your kite. I like the girls you've known but I believe I'm worth coming home to.

5. Upside Down | Two Minds Crack | The Victory Parade | 1986. Because.

6. Crash Into Me | Dave Matthews Band | Crash | 1997. Such a totally sweet song, but a bit graphic, too and I love it forever and ever, I'd like it as a wedding march.

7. Accidentally in Love | Counting Crows | 2004. This never fails to make me late in the morning because whenever this comes up on my iPod, I just have to finish singing it and of course it's a mini concert in my room. Always.

8. Sentimental Lady | Bob Welch | French Kiss | 1977. You have no idea how freakishly sentimental I am.

9. Crazy Love | Poco | Legend | 1979. If you want to make me cry, this is the song. Never fails.

10. Por Una Cabeza | Carlos Gardel | 1932. The original version actually sounds much more scarier and is a litany about how he {Gardel} was addicted to horses as he was with women. I am much more in love with the instrumental version of this though, as performed in the movie Scent of a Woman.

11.A Beautiful Mess | Jason Mraz | We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things | 2008. Every needy, clingy, crazy insecure girl's song.

What's on YOUR soundtrack?

To be continued.


BRB, Jacket Shopping.

>> Sunday, April 24, 2011

The days leading up to Easter meant quiet times for me, doing nothing luxurious nor anything in excess. However, as I have been confined to my bed after some heavy mopping, scrubbing and cleaning {my hands smell like Domex to this moment}, I have succumbed to searching for the perfect coats for the next coming months. It's been a while since I've spent time in a cold-er country so might as well update my wardrobe, yes?

I have Karla's Closet and Annie of Time Enough For Drums opened constantly in my browser. I can't get over how easy they make it look dressing up in layers.

Inspiration: Karla Deras of

and I just have to mention her sexy boyfriend shirt.

And so I have been scouring the wasteland that is Google and found some I've considered

Beige Coat from

Karla would definitely approve of this.

Actually, if I just can have just one coat, this would be it.
Long Overcoat from

And I like this coat from Forever 21, too:

Or this:

ARGH! Too many choices!
Where do you buy your jackets and coats?

*All photos are from their respective owners.


A Sojourn to the Past and Into the Future

>> Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sweet Valley High. The title conjures up so much, so many memories to my mind, that it's quite impossible to ignore thoughts of myself cramped in my bed as a teenager, saving my allowance so I could buy new titles, and ignoring the rest of the world for 16 year old California blondes Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield. Seeing myself now. more well read than ever {I'd like to believe so}, it seems so distant to be remembering about the girl whose imagination was wrapped around Calico Drive.

As a high schooler, I was a geek mostly, for staying at home instead of doing high school stuff most students did: engage in sports during weekends {Failure to attend swimming lessons? Blame it on Jessica.}, go on short excursions, or hang out while watching movies or cooking or baking. I would break out of my reading funk though just so my friends and I could exchange books and then go back to reading. My high school life {and even during grade school} was devoted to reading SV books {and then some YA and not so YA lit}, getting lost in the world of Jessica and how she never wore a watch, and how Liz has always been the perfect twin. I loved Lila Fowler next, such a badass girl, really. I can imagine her being played by Mila Kunis {though she's too old for SVH}. My favorite and most worn out book has always been Jessica Wakefield's Diary Volume 3 and sigh, the sagas. Don't get me started about the sagas {loved the Patmans and the Fowlers!}.

 Jessica Wakefield and Sam Woodruff

But the one I've completed would have to be this:
Sweet Valley Senior Year. I loved how there were handwritten bits to it:

This was the only stage I actually liked Elizabeth more {well, just by a few notches}
because of Conner McDermott.

Although, I really thought they were the ugliest twins to ever portray the Wakefields and the
prettiest were the TV twins Cynthia and Brittany Daniel, who later appeared on the
SVU covers.

And then, years after, long after my book shelf has evolved into heavier reading and where my SV books are buried in the farthest nooks, Francine Pascal, author and creator of our generation's favorite books {kind of like the 80s and 90s' Twilight}, comes out with Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later. Our fascination with these books might just be equal to today's kids' adulation for Bella, Edward and Jacob.

As a die hard Sweet Valley girl {until now, sometimes, I wonder why I am unabashedly so}, I was discombobulated and antsy until I finally got my hands on it {Thank you, Margarita Queen!} and proceeded to read every single letter until I was finished the morning after. Here are some of my thoughts on the book and...


The Good:

  • Judging by the number of inquiries I got when I tweeted I was reading this, we are no doubt, all curious and intrigued by what happened to the twins. Did Liz and Todd finally got married {wait, wasn't Liz with Tom Watts in SVU?}? Was Jessica now a famous actress dating a famous model? Was Lila Fowler now ala Lily Van Der Woodsen, heading charity functions while being married to a {yet another} Italian count or Bruce Patman {whom she had a relationship, not a fling, back in SVU}? We all have preconceived assumptions who ended up with who and FINALLY, Francine Pascal comes up with something.
  • I finished the book in eight hours, which is a record for me, yet again. Much like its predecessors, a Sweet Valley book is highly entertaining, highly intriguing and is always capable of flip flopping your heart from Liz to Jess and back again. I don't know how many times I've sympathized with Liz even if I've thought she was too prissy and too nice. Going back, if the entertaining part is what you're after, then this definitely has it.
  • Liz is now a writer for a Zagat for off Broadway plays and lives in New York City, Jess is now a PR girl for an organic cosmetics company and she actually takes her job seriously, though she's remained in Sweet Valley.
  • References to Facebook and Twitter are all over the book, also, Liz listening to Beyonce in one of the chapters.
  • I don't know whether to laugh or get shocked over Steven Wakefield's revelation of changing sexual preferences. And with Aaron Dallas, too, Jessica's first ever boyfriend!
  • Loved that bit between Bruce Patman and Elizabeth. He does emerge as a really sensitive guy in the end, sigh.
  • Lila Fowler and Ken Matthews end up together, though are on the brink of divorce in this book.
  • Any SV geek like I was needs to read this. 
  • Jessica's bridal march "All I Ask of You" from the musical Phantom of the Opera affirmed that I've always been a Jessica. It's kinda cheesy but hey, I am cheesy like that.
  • REALLY, Jessica AND Todd? Really? So yeah, they hated each other all through out and dated a few times out of I don't know, lack of storyline sometimes but REALLY?? After all that flirting and after two failed marriages for Jessica, she was just going to end up with Todd Wilkins? Really? I honestly have not decided whether I like this ending but oh well. 

Now, the Bad:

  • It might have been the years since I last read a Sweet Valley book but I was cringing at how bad the writing was. Either that or Francine was such a bad writer compared to her team of wonderful ghost writers. I was appalled at how Jessica's character said 'like' and 'so' too damn much when she was not at all like that ever since SV Kids, and throughout SVU.
  • Jessica's marriage to Michael McAllery back in SVU sounded so much more romantic than the one with Regan Wollman. Surely, the point was not to romanticize everything, but to breathe life into the relationship, as what Michael McAllery was once portrayed --- with glory.
  • More than a decade of not writing the books herself, I highly doubt Francine Pascal had a deep recollection of the events that transpired to the characters. There were too many continuity flaws one of which is George Fowler, Lila's father, being renamed to Richard Fowler. Too, didn't Enid Rollins renamed herself to Alex Rollins in SVU and became Jessica's sorority sister?
  • I can't believe Lila Fowler peaked in high school. I'd have thought she was going to have replaced George as the matriarch of the Fowler business empire. But she had only a brief reference in the book, where she threw a party, despite her and Ken's impending divorce and with nothing else to credit herself with.
  • WTF, Winston Egbert's death. So unceremonious for such a funny character.
  • I really kind of wish Laurie White wrote this instead of Francine. I'm pretty sure she would've done a better job.
Overall: Despite not turning out to be the SVH we were imagining back in the days, I loved reading SVC. Sure, I'd skipped over some chapters as I was completely bored out of my skull while reading Liz' non-adventures in New York City, but I loved Jessica's quips, Jessica's stand off at Lila's party and how that guy Liz brought to their grandma's party was so enamored with Jessica, as always. I really wish this would become a series again.

Did you love Sweet Valley as a kid, too? 
And did you like SVC? 


Hairy Ain't Pretty

>> Tuesday, April 19, 2011

There is a mythical instance when my friend T, C and I were at the Loft and gabbing about the usual when T exclaimed: "Ang haba ng hair mo sa legs!"

Well, it was long but it was hardly visible and the hairs were extremely thin, too. But still, there was hair and after 25 years, it was only then that my legs started growing hair. I remember being extremely discombobulated the whole day because I was wearing a tight, knee-length skirt and my legs were for the world to see. Of course, the hair was only visible when looked into closely but knowing they were still visible did not make me feel any comfortable. I blame my inattention to detail when scrubbing my legs during shower time and the poor lighting at the bathroom but yeah, not really. I haven't paid it attention in years because all my life, I knew my legs didn't grow my hair.

As the clock ticked 5 PM, I walked over to the nearest waxing salon {that's Strip in GB5} and had my leg hair waxed off. 

But having the legs waxed, as as opposed to the underarms and getting a Brazilian, seems to tedious a habit. Not to mention expensive for an area that's comparably insensitive.

I remember then picking up a tube of Veet from a Watson's store and experimented on my leg hair.

Veet says:

Veet offers the modern woman faster and more efficient ways to soft, smooth skin. Its skin-type specific hair-removal products are suitable for use on legs, arms, underarms, bikini line and face.

Veet Hair Removal Cream dissolves hair at the shaft with results twice as long as shaving. Hair re-growth feels significantly smoother versus the stubble that shaving produces and without unsightly ingrown hair or the painful cuts and nicks.

And there are waxing strips for those hard to reach bikini lines, too!

The Good:

  • DIY. Sometimes long, waxable hair occurs to us at the most inopportune times, like for me, it was the middle of the week, I remember. Most of the time, I have no liberty over my time and I can't just walk over to Greenbelt every time {and no, I can't be bothered during weekends for the taxing task of waxing}. With Veet and other DIY waxing stuff, I can do it before or after showering, either in the morning or at night.
  • Less expensive. One session of waxing for both legs is roughly Php 500 (less with some other salons like Lay Bare} but still more expensive if you'd just get DIY wax strips of depilatory creams like Veet, which retails for less than Php 300 and is useful for about 10 times. Of course the cheapest way to get rid of leg hair is shaving them but shaving {anywhere} is a no no. Hello, icky stubble!
  • No stubble. I believe that this is not applicable to everyone as I have friends who get stubble when using depilatory creams. However, depilatory creams work on me like a dream and the hair growth is not as bad as when I shave {tried once, NEVER AGAIN}. I use Veet approximately every 1 1/2 weeks {I think I have slow hair regrowth} so this may vary. 
  • Three minutes is all it takes and hair is dissolved and one can scoop out the cream with hair. Not time consuming at all!
  • The smell may come on a bit strong but the good thing is variants are added with fragrance such as Jasmine and Lily.
  • If you think waxing is painful, you may consider this because it ain't painful at all.
  • If you run out of cream, there's always Watson's.

The Bad:
  • The first time I used Veet, I accidentally left it too long {around seven minutes} and I burned my skin. Ever since then, I watch the clock closely and stick to three minutes.
  • Washing the cream off is tedious! It gets off into the bathroom floor in chunks so I have to scoop it out and throw it into the garbage bin so it doesn't clog the drains.
  • Since it's not wax and I am not pulling the roots of the hair, growth is faster than when waxed. The time doesn't bother me but it may do so with some.
  • Not too bad but you may want to check first if you've got allergies to any cream you'll try. 

Overall Recommendation:

Depilatory creams like Veet are the answers to a modern girl's prayer of painless/inexpensive hair removal. I'd gladly go for laser if it weren't too expensive but for now, I'm happy with Veet and I recommend it to anyone who's willing!

Directions for Use:

  1. Apply directly onto the skin using the spatula {comes with every box!} or your hand, spreading the cream evenly to fully cover the hair. Do not rub and wash hands after application.
  2. Leave the cream on for three minutes {max. 6 mins.} timed carefully, then gently use the head of the spatula to test a small area. If hair comes easily, remove the rest of the cream with the spatula. If needed, leave the cream on for a bit longer without exceeding six minutes.
  3. Rinse your skin thoroughly with water and pat dry.
Oh and some photos from the Veet Lunch last week:

With Daniel Matsunaga of the viral elevator video.

Shen is so pretty, as always!

Gorgeous Jamie and Donna of My Lucid Intervals!

BTW, if you want to win a date with Daniel Matsunaga,
do join Veet's video contest here!

What do you do about your leg hair?
Tell me?


    Making Some Headway Into the Water

    >> Monday, April 18, 2011

    Not learning how to properly swim and not making any efforts in 25 years has got to be the most embarrassing thing I ever have to say to anyone, or write into a public blog. The whole sordid story makes me cringe even now, even when I know more people, like me, who have never gotten around to paddling and kicking, too.

    Contrary to what I wrote back in July, I haven't enrolled in swimming lessons because I have been hella lazy and caught up with {okay, I am making excuses} work and social life that it's been pushed too far in my calendar. When I said I was going to take them in March, I wasn't able to {wow, where has my March been?} and now, with summer very well upon us, I still have not gotten down to learning.

    Until we drove all the way to Batangas for 24 hours of swimming, drinking and eating. And:

    I realize I look hmmm, weird and funny here but whatever :D
    Look Ma, no hands!

    I still have a long way to go to become lifeguard material but I can pretty much scale an entire swimming pool {freestyle}and I can tread like I'm not trying to die.

    Thanks to my friend S {in picture}who patiently taught me how to tread in water {and not to cheat!} even when I was trying to learn how to swim while completely inebriated.

    But because I have no photos in the sea whatsoever, I don't consider this as a ticked-off item just yet.

    YAY! is all I can say.


    The Pond's Flawless White Unbeaten Challenge

    >> Sunday, April 17, 2011

    When I signed up for the Pond's Flawless White Challenge, I was hesitant I would be tied to a brand or seem like I was being paid to say good things about it {I wasn't, no one was}. But Pond's, being a brand I have to come to love over the last few months, and a brand open to whatever we, ensigned bloggers, were to say, I went ahead and tried out a whitening line and agreed to document it on another website.

    The first two entries I did gave me so much joy despite them being products of late nights, interspersed with tweeting {hello, Jhengky!}. Creative writing has always been my love and it felt good to write with a purpose, interject it with multimedia elements and share good things on the internet. However, due to technical reasons, my bestfriend and I decided to pull out of the race. As an additional entry, I posted a letter given to me as my third entry.

    Anyway, despite us throwing the chance to become featured in a spread to appear on Cosmopolitan, Metro and Mega,  I {and Dang, too!} have gained a truly great insight from the experience: Our skin doesn't need expensive skincare to get better.

    During the experience, I have made an inventory of the things I have used on my face. Granted, some of them worked like a dream, and some of them were, not really as effective as we hoped they'd be. My learning from it was if we are not to try and give affordable, trusted, vouched-for products a try, we will never know. After all, we all want to squeeze the bang out of our hard earned buck. If we get the same results from both products, and eventually save money from the other, why not?

    Surprisingly, I have come to develop a habit of lessening the amount of makeup I put onto my face. In the last two weeks, due to events that requires I come in with a bare face, I have been told I looked better without makeup. I take that as a good sign.

    Still, despite not being a contender in the PFW Challenge anymore, my bestfriend and challenge partner and I attended the Pond's party last April 12th to support our friends.

    Dang, I, Jheng and Sophie retouching at the washroom of Fiamma.
    Shoutout to my loves Jheng and Shen for making me look beautiful
    that night!

    Our OOTNs are all courtesy of Plains and Prints.And my BFF's lippy is just too gorgeous!

    Ah. The Angelica Dress.
    There was so much confusion and confusion and mix up with who's wearing what
    but eventually, everything worked itself out. And I love THIS dress on me.
    To quote Jheng, the dress is matimtiman. 
    Thanks again, D, for choosing it for me.

    Yay! The party begins!

    A clearer photo. Thanks, Az!

    Thought bubble: Dear Lord, please do not let me trip. Please.

     Thought bubble: Yes, last few minutes of praying I won't  trip.

    You gotta love Jheng's hair. And Shen's very classy look.

    And congrats to my achies Nikki Tiu and Sophie Uy for bagging
    the Editors' Choice Award!

    and to Ginger Arboleda and Reena Sarmiento for being the
    Overall Winners of the PFW Challenge!

    After the announcement of winners, I went around and bumped into
    Preview's Fashion Editor, Daryl Chang!

    Of course, special thanks to my friends for coming and supporting
    me and Dang even if we weren't in the running anymore:

    And to the Pond's Brand Team {Jacqe and Julles}, Pond's Ambassador Rissa Mananquil
    and Ogilvy One {Hi, Maan!} for a fun and challenging experience.
    Thanks to you, I can go out of the house now with minimal makeup!

    Yes, I look like crap with no makeup on.
    And unbrushed hair.

    But ever since, I have eliminated the usage of concealer
    and stuck with BB cream. 

    More of the individual product reviews on the coming days, I promise!
    {and to everyone who voted for us, thank you so, so much!}

    Special thanks to Azrael Coladilla for the photos!


    These Coupons Are Doing Me Good

    >> Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Well, technically, about to do me some good.

    The emergence of group-buying sites is obviously taking Metro Manila and key cities by storm as everyday, we all eagerly check our inboxes to know what kind of deal would there be. {To all of you who does this, one hand in the air!}

    And while my very first group-buying deal I bought was more for vanity purposed, the next two were for my fitness {or lack thereof} life, as well as two items from my 26 before 26 list.

    1. Yoga.

     For only a thousand bucks, I am enrolled in 10 classes of
    Zumba, Belly Dancing, Striptease, Boxing, Pilates, Street Dance etc.
    though I opt for yoga {as of now} just because.
    Classes with C and R start when we return from our OOC trip in May.

    2. Pole Dancing.

    Thanks to my friend K, I was able to take advantage of Groupon's deal of Php600 for two classes of Pole Dancing. I'm scared and excited at the same time!

    3. Surfing at Siargao. Ok, this one is not from a group-buying site but on the subject of my 26 before 26 list, I am finally going to have to surf! Booked by my friend J, the two of us are hauling our asses off to Siargao {which I didn't know had to have connecting flights!} by October, roughly a month before I actually turn 26. Now, where do I get rashguards again?

    See you in six months, Siargao!

    Have you tried yoga, pole dancing and surfing at Siargao?
    I'd love to hear tips and I'm such a klutzy athlete and traveler that I need all the tips I can get!


    Forever 21 Opens in SM Makati!

    >> Thursday, April 14, 2011

    I cannot say enough how much I love being in the city of Makati five days a week. Despite the craziness around it, the maddening traffic in and out of it, the noise, the rallies every now and then, I do most of my stuff {shopping, paying my bills, movie-watching, musicals, waxing needs, pedi etc.}in this city.

    When I saw the huge sign at SM Makati that Forever 21 was about to open, I knew it had to be one of another reasons why:

    1. I will love being in Makati more.
    2. I have another stress buster to go to during lunch breaks / afternoons when I feel that I must absolutely go shopping.
    3. My wallet will be subjected to even more torture.
    4. I'll be a happy little girl with all the accessories I will keep buying.

    I was fortunate enough to have been part of the VIP shopping night of Forever 21 Makati, where I saw a LOT TRUCKLOAD of things that I want. Actually, I already got so much into a bag but my feet hurt from running around all day in heels so I had to let go of my loot after lining up in a really long line {can't blame 'em, there was so much nice stuff.}Even then, people, guests who were mostly in their twenties, milled around frantically like they were afraid things would go out of stock in a second. {This happened to me, someone beat me to a chambray shirt in small and all was left was a medium which looked like a night shirt on me. Gah. I would have endured the line for that.}

    But anyway.

    Here are some stuff and some shoppers I saw that night:

    Daphne Osena-Paez looks divine in person.
    As Shen snapped away, I was just starstruck!

    Before scooting off to peruse the racks, Shen and I had to snap a photo
    of our yet another identical outfits:

    Blazer: Colour Eighteen
    Bustier Top: H&M
    Harem Pants: Gift
    Pumps: Promod
    Clutch: Aldo

    Thanks to the lovely Denise, who gamely snapped our photo.
    Of course, we had to have a photo, too!

    She was in line for the dressing room and it was LONG!

    Shortly after that, I wandered around the humongous store and my eyes kept going like this: O.o

    Row upon row of sky-high shoes!

    Pretty satchels in neutral colors made me grab one.

    These are super perfect for corporate girls like me.

    My weakness: PEARLS!

    And some more on the other side! 

    And the iconic lacy and girly accessory bar.

    I have a couple of GCs lying around waiting to be used.
    Who wants to go shopping with me?

    *Thanks to Jane Kingsu-Cheng for inviting me to the opening!



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