Feels Like the {Week} End

>> Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm waiting for the BFF as I write this --- we are scheduled for a spa and dinner date and I can't help but smile at the weekend looming closer. At the office, people are happily mingling around. Maybe it's the thought that it's already November tomorrow and one month more and it's officially Christmas. To be truthful, all I did today was plan our annual Christmas party, tinker around the web for costume ideas and party favors.


I've been re-reading some of my old entries {how time flies, it's almost five years!} and I decided to answer this questionnaire:

01 Mood: Surprisingly calm. It must be age --- that you just decide to forego unnecessary negative vibes, stressors and what have you. I had a bit of sad thing going on but I decided to be happy so happy, I am!

02 Best thing about this weekend: Rest and {spring} cleaning. My house looks like an extension of Rustan's :D

03 Last movie I saw: Argo. Ergo, Argo F yourself. Best movie I've seen this year.

04 What I’m watching: Beauty and the Beast. My Best Friend's Wedding. My Sassy Girl. Yes, it is a sappy kilig day :D

05 Fashion lust:Steel-toe pumps.

06 Listening to: Samantha Ronson's Built this Way. Last night though was all The National's Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks.

07 Favourite recent purchase: Apple earphones. They're really pretty awesome compared to others

08 What I’m reading: I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron

09 I want: for my house to clean itself.

10 Aim for this week: Fulfill all my errands for a trip and a decision to go back to school!

What's your weekend like?


Belle de Jour {Contest Alert}

>> Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello, dearest readers! It's been a fun start of the week for me because it was the annual Trick or Treat at work and being surrounded by cute kids dressed as ninjas and fairies and Christine of Phantom of the Opera can be quite the mood pick upper!

If you're wondering what I've been up to, it's been mostly about being involved with the fabulous girls behind Belle de Jour. I've mentioned to you how I'm now part of the BDJ Blog Circle, yes? Well, guess what? I'm also a bit involved with the planner and now with the newest part of the BDJ --- the BDJBox!

But first, some photos from the BDJ Fair held two weeks ago where the 2013 Belle de Jour planner was launched:

Super Fashion Blogger Tricia Gosingtian encourages the girls to start a blog of their passion

The place was raining with girls!

 Somehow, life in 20s feels like this.

 Is it just me or is the Belle de Jour cartoon growing up?

 I'm stoked to be on the September article! Thanks, Kat!

Speaking of Kat, the newest subscription service in town, BDJ Box was launched last week!

A subscription box is where one pays a subscription fee of Php 480 and will get travel sizes of handpicked products each month. This month's theme {among many others} is Parisian Pretty.

 Yes, I'm one of the Beauty Ministers which means I'll be writing regularly for the editorial section, too!

This is why it pays to try on stuff first --- because it's great to be knowing the pros and cons without fully committing to a product.

Now, some snaps from the little get together itself:

 Thanks for the support, beautiful blogger friends! <3 b="b">

 OOTD: A stripey turquoise tank, my Mango skirt and my Yosi Samra flats. Very weekend!

 Marj, Kat, Nic, Martha and a little me :D

And because I love you girls, you can win your very own BDJBox this November!

This box is estimated to be of more than Php 1,000 value!


1. Follow me via Twitter (@tarajerika) and BDJBox (@BDJBuzz)
2. Tweet us your biggest beauty insecurity {mine are my acne scars which I obsess every time I am at red traffic light!} with the hashtag #BDJBox
3. Tag me (@tarajerika) and @BDJBuzz so we'll know!
4. I will pick the best answer on Friday, November 2!
Open only to Philippine readers.

Join now? Happy Tuesday!


Doing a Blair Waldorf: The Red Cross Charity Ball

>> Saturday, October 27, 2012

At  almost 27, I am pretty much gaga, still on Gossip Girl.

This morning, I spent my hours devouring the latest episode from Season 6, a series my former boss {yes, that's you G!} called rubbish, something we laugh about nowadays. That never stopped me from taking in the feminine details of Blair's dresses. More importantly, I kept in mind all the formal details that were being tacked on to Leighton Meester's character, Blair Waldorf.

Secretly, my favorite has always been the ball gowns. It's because I almost always don't wear ball gowns as much she did.

But I do like dressing up every now and then and especially if for a cause. While I wasn't any Upper East Sider, I had fun feeling very Blair Waldorf at the recent Red Cross Charity Ball hosted by Tessa Prieto-Valdes and Kaye Tinga:

1) I opted for my green Aranaz clutch {thanks, FCC!} for a pop of color 2) Johnson's and Johnson's baby wipes 3) Clean and Clear Oil Control Film 4) Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua sample {aren't samples the best for night outs?} 5) Swish Breath Freshener 6) iPad 2 {a digital girl is never without hers} 7) Chanel compact powder 8) shu uemura BG 931 9) iPhone {of course}

And now, some snaps from the party itself, which I realized, dressing up for a good cause, was such a Blair Waldorf {among many others} thing to do. :D

Hair: Michelle Cabrera
Dress: Azucar

With Vangie and Divine | photo taken by Victor Basa

Photo credit: Inquirer Lifestyle

Congrats, Tessa and Kaye and cheers to fashionable philanthropy!



Sign of Growing Up: A Little Less Insecure

>> Thursday, October 25, 2012

Over some documents and business updates and the rare chance we ever really get to talk seriously, my boss and I talked about how one piles on the years --- and in the process strip off forms of insecurity. When he said this, I was surprised I was nodding off in agreement. When I think of all my insecurities when I was 22, I want to cringe.

Back then, I was dying to make a mark in the world, I obsessed over ideas I couldn't put into fruition, got affected by chismis I hear about myself, wondered if I was dating the right man, wondered if I was on the right track, nitpicked every pimple in the complexion, thought about endlessly over every wrong decision I made throughout a day, agonized every rejection I received, friends and lovers I lost --- all of it involved some heavy thinking which exhausts me just by thinking about it now!

Don't get me wrong, I still think hard about a lot of things nowadays but what has significantly changed is that I don't obsess anymore. I've learned to let go of unanswered things, I learned that unanswered texts don't mean the end of the world and that un-returned phone calls can mean a world of good to you and that patience is truly, truly a virtue that when cultivated, can bring about blessings and good decision making skills.

So if right now, you're like the Tara Once Upon a Time who cared about every single thing --- don't stop caring but let go of some things --- at least the ones that don't try to chase you. Life, a lot like dating, is a game and sometimes you just need to sit back, relax and let it do the chasing.



Pretty. Powerful. Or both.

What does it mean to be pretty powerful to me? I asked myself of this question as one morning, I was sick and in bed and having a really bad day. There were too many things in my plate, I was exhausted beyond normal, I felt like a rubber band stretched to its elastic limits and things were just not happening. As if that wasn't enough, a friend kept on ranting in my ears complaining about the most mundane of things and I had so badly wanted to retort back that the world did not revolve around her and people everywhere had other, more pressing matters to attend to but I held back. This was a battle I chose not to fight.

It triggered me to look at my archives, to find some sort of inspiration, to will me back to my old confident self and one of the links brought me to a related campaign: Pretty Powerful. Back then, I defined beauty as: It was only until then that I had learned that I found people who were most comfortable with their own skin the most beautiful. Comfort in one's skin, no matter how bad it is. What I would give to be back there sometimes.

Tara Cabullo | circa Feb 2011 | Photo by Sasha Manuel

Maybe it is age, or the accumulation of experiences that redefined my view of being pretty or powerful or its conjugation. Control, that is. To be in control of one's life, to be in control of one's emotions when life throws curveballs after another --- that, to me, is pretty, powerful or both.

This was my Pretty Powerful face last Thursday {yes, with eye bags LOL}:

House of Obagi Clenziderm Line
VMV Armada Face SPF 45

Max Factor Age Elixir in Beige
MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NC30
MAC Studio Fix Concealer in NC30

Benefit Blush  in Sugarbomb
Benefit High Beam highlighter

shiseido brow pencil in brown
MAC brow set in Girl Boy

The Body Shop Golden Beige eyeshadow
Maybelline eyeshadow in Steel Gray
Fanny Serrano dark green eyeshadow
The Body Shop yellow eyeshadow for the mid-lash

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner
Maybelline Volum Express Cat Eyes Mascara

Kiehl's Lip Balm #1 in Mango
MAC Lipstick in Please Me

And sometimes, in a girl's life, the only thing she can control is her makeup and outfit. At least for that day, I could say I was pretty powerful.

Here are some snaps from the Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown brunch and book launch:

Atty. Margarita Gonzales shared how she came to be the pretty powerful lawyer slash model that she is now.

 Loved Kai's demo on Bobbi Brown day and night looks cos he was so candid! xx

 The pretty interns of Bobbi Brown who were Kai's models for night (left) and day (right).

LBD: Forever 21
Scarf: Zara
Pumps: Promod
Belt: H&M

 That, my friends, is the Oyster and Caviar Palette for the Holiday 2012 collection. That Ballet Pink blush is the most gorgeous thing ever.

So this was my takeaway: that one is her prettiest and most powerful when she has the grasp of her heart and her mind, when she controls her own ship and her emotions when things don't go her way. That she is her prettiest when the Universe hands her not too nice circumstances but can manage the direction to which her lips go, or the flow of her thoughts, or her words and the battles she will fight or ignore. That is prettiest and most powerful to me.

What does it mean to be pretty powerful to you? Share with me in the comments section!

*Pretty Powerful by Bobbi Brown is available at all National Book Stores, Fully Booked and Powerbooks branches.


Vanilla Days are Here

>> Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blame it on the overtly changing landscape of words -- that a simple word to mean a sweet plant could also mean boring, traditional and lackadaisical. In my profession {that is Marketing}, if my work is labelled Vanilla, it is to mean an insult, that my work is plain and boring and needs improvement.

I've talked a LOT about getting the B word {a long post you can find here} and I'm not one to convince you again on the merits of going hairless in places the sun don't shine. You know that already, my love.

Thanks to Strip Manila, Vanilla{Cupcake} now means a different meaning --- one that's closer to its origin. Vanilla Cupcake just happens to be Strip's newest kind of wax!

I missed the party that was a Bikini Waxing party so I got to it on the weekend, without liquid courage. The Striperella assigned to me mused: "Mukhang hindi nyo na kailangan Ma'am, inaantok pa nga kayo during the procedure eh." Guess I can't hide how much being at it has made me tolerant to the pain over time. Plus, a tip to B-virgins: it always helps to take pain relievers before the procedure. I swear by that!

I'd been a long time Strip customer, I've been so accustomed to their Chocolate wax that when the smell of Vanilla wax wafted across the room where I was prepping, it was very refreshing. I did inquire on the differences and the Striperella said there really was none --- which was still a difference because now, loyal clients, and basically everyone who walks in to get a wax gets a choice whether it's chocolate wax or vanilla cupcake wax.

The bikini wax is something we all go through at one point or multiple points in our lives --- best to hand it to the professionals, with extreme privacy, with care and most especially with choice.

Strip Manila is located at the 2F Serendra, Bonifacio Street, BGC, Taguig and a branch at 5F, Greenbelt 5, Makati City. 



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